What are you wearing to Coachella?


Rav Bitanga’s outfit at his first Coachella in 2017.

Gisselle Pernett

Correction: Rav Bitanga is a UCLA student 

Coachella season has finally arrived and that means flower crowns, body glitter and bohemian festival fashion are back.

Aside from the lineup, outfits for Coachella are often strategically planned by pulling inspiration from popular Instagram models and celebrities. Knowing what to pack and what to wear for Coachella is key to the overall experience.

Rav Bitanga, a biology student at UCLA, will be attending Coachella for the second time in a row this year. Bitanga, 19, says that his essentials include sunglasses, a bandana, a portable charger and Pedialyte. Bitanga says he planned out his outfits based on his own fashion style. He will be using more solid colors in his outfits like white, black and denim.

Another one of Rav Bitanga’s outfit at Coachella 2017.

“It’s a mix of weather, what I’m planning to be doing that specific day and which artists I’m seeing,” said Bitanga.

This year he will be choosing a more minimalist and comfortable style. Bitanga says the downside of wearing nice outfits to Coachella is that they get dirty due to the dusty location.

Estefany Gallegos, the president of the CSUN Trends club, noted that Coachella trends remain consistent. She says that thin, leather pieces cut in a fringe look, however, have become more popular.

“Trends this year that may be seen at Coachella include going for bohemian to a bit more sporty and couture-like. Most attendees like to be fashionable, yet comfortable,” said Gallegos.

A lot of dancing, walking to venues or exploring the festival ground happens and choosing an outfit that you can freely move in is important according to Gallegos.

“The key aspect in the entire outfit selecting process is to be yourself and feel great. When you wear a great outfit you also feel great. It is all up to us to have fun at these types of events meanwhile pulling off amazing looks,” said Gallegos