CSUN students’ first day back at school


Students begin the fall semester. Photo credit: File Photo/The Sundial

Madison Parsley

A mixture of excitement and stress is in the air which can only mean one thing, the beginning of a new school year here at CSUN. The fall semester brings in a crowd of both new and old students who are sad to let summer go but ready to kick off the school year with new goals to achieve. The Sundial wanted to know how CSUN students first day back was and what their aspirations were for the year.

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Photo credit: Madison Parsley

“My first day back was good but long with a lot of breaks in between. My goals for the semester are to focus on my education and work on getting A’s.” – Amanda Bell, 19, Liberal Studies Major

Photo credit: Madison Parsley

“I feel good about my first day. I’m trying to stay focused and I’m excited to see what this year brings.” – Julius Arnold, 22, Family and Consumer Science Major

Photo credit: Madison Parsley

“The campus is very big and overwhelming but I didn’t get lost so I’m excited for the year. I thought my first day would be worse!” – Lexi Simon, 18, Cinema and Television Arts Major

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Photo credit: Madison Parsley

“I had my first classes as a student that was amazing and I enjoyed my first day at my student job on campus. It was a wonderful first day!” – Samuel Ponce, 21, Psychology Major

Photo credit: Madison Parsley

“It was pretty good. I have a lot of work and studying this semester but no complaints.” – Angel Diaz, 18, Mechanical Engineering Major

Photo credit: Madison Parsley

“My first day was very exciting! I loved all my classes and I’m starting my first major classes this semester. I can’t wait to go back!” – Vanessa Jimenez, 20, Child Development Major