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Review of the week: “A Star Is Born”

Photo credit: IMDb

Lady Gaga made her movie debut in the 1976 remake of “A Star Is Born,” alongside Bradley Cooper. The film takes on dark issues throughout its two-hour runtime but somehow manages to remain funny.

The R-rated film follows the story of Ally (Gaga) on her journey as a singer-songwriter, finding her way in the music industry after multiple failed attempts to find her big break. Having given up on her dream, Ally is discovered one night, while singing in a bar, by Jackson Maine (Cooper), a seasoned singer with a substance abuse problem.

From this point forward the audience is taken on a journey witnessing Ally’s sudden entrance into the spotlight and all the obstacles that come with that experience and the toll it takes on her relationship with Maine.

Struggles such as alcohol addiction and drug abuse are tackled in a realistic way, masterfully showing the different stages of escalation. At the start, Cooper’s character is shown as a heavy drinker who manages to stay functional, often putting the two main characters in humorous situations.

However, as the alcoholism escalates, audiences are given a very real look at the obstacles not only an addict must overcome, but also the addict’s loved ones. The story is told beautifully and feels completely genuine.

Gaga has proven herself time and time again when it comes to her singing ability, but the biggest success of the film is her effortless acting ability. She was essentially in every scene of the movie and her acting never felt forced or fake. When she laughed it sounded genuine and when she cried everyone in the theater felt her pain as if it was their own.

Paired with Cooper’s portrayal of a struggling alcoholic and drug addict the movie was set up for success. Playing an alcoholic and drug addict can easily be done wrong but Cooper never tried to overdo it. Through his many attempts to reach sobriety the audience continues rooting for him and each time he fails, it is upsetting but Cooper’s acting choices allow for his motivations to drink to be understood.

The chemistry between the two was indescribable and perfect for what the film was trying to capture.

The film and its actors have already received critical acclaim, even from its first day in theaters. It has received a critics score of 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and an audience score of 85 percent. The general consensus among the critics is the lead actors are appealing, the directing is great and is a solid example of how to do a remake correctly.

Don’t miss your opportunity to watch “A Star Is Born.”

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