Club promote natural and healthy hair through culture and education


Three of the students featured from the CSUN Naturals club. Photo Credit: Sarai Henry

Sarai Henry

CSUN Naturals is a club on campus with the mission to promote natural and healthy hair through culture and education. They are all about students embracing roots.

Natural hair is hair that has not been altered by straighteners, relaxers or texturizers. On campus, there are many students who embrace their natural hair.

In the spring the club will throw a Black Hair show, exposing the campus to the many different natural hairstyles, textures, etc.

Aquil Yorke copy.jpg

“I just started my beard in June … I wanted to dread my beard for a couple of years but people would tell me not to do it, saying things like ‘you will not be able to get a job.’ It feels good knowing that I had the intention to stand by what I had been wanting to do.”

– Aquil Yorke, English major (grad student)

Hannah Adams _ Nicole Chura copy.jpg

“Embrace your uniqueness, God didn’t mess up.”

– Hannah Adams, a marketing major

“This is the best version of me. I feel like starting my day knowing I don’t have to change anything about me is positive.”

– Nicole Chura, a psychology major

Benedicta Benson copy.jpg

“Currently I have faux locs. When I was younger I had a Jerry Curl for three years because I always wanted curly hair. Eventually, I started to cut it off slowly and I did the big chop my freshmen year of college in 2015 … now I’m completely natural … I haven’t got a weave (in) a year and a half. I chose faux locs because it lasts longer and it grows out your hair more.”

– Benedicta Udokporo Benson, a psychology major

Kayla Morgan .JPG

“I’ve always kept it natural … I cut it in middle school and high school. If you want to keep your hair natural, you should find out what’s good for you. Keeping it moisturized and healthy makes me feel more confident.”

– Kayla Morgan, business system and operation management major

Jonathan Winn copy.jpg

“I started growing my hair to symbolize my growth with school … since growing it out, I get profiled a lot more. At first, I felt less confident but now I’m at a point to where I do not want to cut it.”

– Jonathan Winn, multimedia production major

Mariam Hanin.JPG

“I grew up in Egypt; they would make fun of you if you had curly hair … they would say my hair Looks like a ‘loofa.'”

– Mariam Hanin, a civil engineering major

For those interested in checking out CSUN Naturals, the club meets every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in the Black House.