Outdoor Adventures goes rock climbing


Climbing instructors Tim and Joey give Jason some pointers on foot placement. “You have to learn the language of the chalk,” Joey tells Jason as he climbs a route on Stoney Point. Photo credit: Blake Berry

Blake Berry

On Friday morning, October 19, a group of CSUN students attended an Intro to Rock Climbing course hosted by the associated students organization Outdoor Adventures.

1. Arriving at Stoney Point
Students David Caplan, Jason Dela Cruz, and Angela Lee follow trip leaders Alisia Rutledge and Karin Tarpinian as they take short hike towards Stoney Point on Friday, Oct.19. Photo credit: Blake Berry

After meeting at the Outdoor Adventures office, students David Caplan, Jason Dela Cruz and Angela Lee became acquainted with one another as well as their trip leaders, Karin Tarpinian and Alisia Rutledge.

4. Readying Up
Joey shows Jason Dela Cruz how to properly put on his harness, making sure that its secured tightly before he ascends for his first outdoor climb. Photo credit: Blake Berry
9. Learning
Tim discusses the basics of belaying while Angela and David try to grasp as much knowledge as possible before attempting it themselves. Photo credit: Blake Berry

After being given the proper tools to climb, such as shoes, helmets, carabiners and harnesses, they piled on into a van and headed to a popular, local rock climbing spot in Chatsworth: Stoney Point.

5. Tying the Knot
Tim Jow, another SRC rock wall instructor, shows Jason how to make a necessary knot that he can attach to his harness on Friday. Photo credit: Blake Berry
10. Belaying
Angela Lee being shown a belaying technique called PBUS(Pull-Brake-Under-Slide) at Stoney Point. Photo credit: Blake Berry

Once arriving they set off on a short hike to where they would soon not only rock climb, but also learn valuable techniques such as knot tying, belaying and the proper safety needed to climb. For some students, this was their first time ever rock climbing outdoors!

8. Climbing
Jason and Angela simultaneously climb different routes at Stoney Point while Tim and Alisia Rutledge belay and keep them safe on Friday, October 19th. Photo credit: Blake Berry
12. Almost There
David Caplan reaches the top of Stoney Point. Photo credit: Blake Berry
14. OA Pamphlet
David scopes out his next trip with OA at Stoney Point. Photo credit: Blake Berry