Don’t get burned


Dear CSUN Matadors,

Who are we in today’s era? What will past problems do to the unsuspecting ignorant future of America who is busy watching “The Hills,” instead of the hills on fire outside their Sylmar house? Where will we go when the government facility that everyone is running to for shelter is closed for a furlough day? Why will anyone help us at their job’s full valued capacity when 10 percent of their pay is cut?

A state-paid firefighter will put out 90 percent of the fire, but you live within the area where due to state budget cuts they do 10 percent less of the workload, you are getting burned. You! Yes, you lady, or lass, Are Getting Burned! Be prepared for a future on campus where an English student will teach an Art student how to paint and an Art student will teach an English student how to spell. Are you a graduating senior and you need that class to get out on time? What was easy to get into last semester is full. Ask an advisor if there’s an equivalent course in another major. Instead of film majors learning about lighting for the screen, they’ll learn about lamp fixtures in the Department of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management.

Watch Arnold “Junior” Schwarzenegger help the supposed future world leaders, rather become soldiers or a fleet of fat, homeless, Wal-Mart Greeters. Unfortunately, truck bombings in Baghdad continue to kill hundreds. All the siblings of the Kennedy Camelot ideal have passed away. President Barack Obama has more to worry about than keeping a proper tab on state governors to the point that Mr. Freeze has turned education into a color-by-numbers super lotto. If you’re lucky enough to get the full 15 units to pay for school, your financial aid won’t be swiped away. Alternatively, if you’re a professor fortunate enough to meet the 20-student cap per class than you won’t have your classes canceled to limit the state’s necessity to pay you.

40 years ago, 1969, the Supreme Court ruled that students had the right to wear armbands to school protesting the Vietnam War. Let’s bust out the armbands again! This is a call to action to protest now. Don’t be J.A.F.A. Just Another F……A……; Fictional Activist! Or hell, be J.A.F.A., except fictional, it’s functional. Start with J.A.F.A. armbands. Pretend to care, pick nine furlough days, and protest this injustice instead. We won’t graduate with a piece a paper worth any more than a McDonald’s Employee of the Month placard if we don’t change this system. Don’t get burned, be Just Another Functional Activist, it starts with you!


Quint Flint