A recount of The Presidents’ Town Hall Meeting

Yazmin Cruz

The second Presidents’ Town hall Meeting took place today. Thankfully, it was not as boring as the first. Students were more energized and combative. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall at the beginning of the event when Dr. Koester and Abel Pacheco (A.S. President) were chitchatting. Wonder if she was giving him a few tips on how to avoid answering some of the tough questions.

Like last time, Koester managed to wipe her hands clean from all wrong doing by 1) not answering questions 2) partially answering questions 3) having others answer questions. The most exciting part of the event took place when Joseph Glatzer, who is a Daily Sundial senior reporter, confronted Koester about not being accommodating to student organizations that wish to meet with her. Glatzer, who is very passionate about what he believes in, flustered Koester.

And it didn’t end there, their “conversation” continued at the end of the event.

But that was not the only drama. Biniyam Fissehaye, a Pan African Studies major, who is also frustrated with the administration and the whole budget crisis, stepped up to the mike and said: “Our tuition is going up and there are less classes. So what exactly are you doing for us?”

Pacheco smirked. And Koester answered that they are fighting for students but that there are others fighting for their own cause.

The panelists concluded that it’s student’s own fault for not getting involved.