Movie Review: “No Impact Man”

Yazmin Cruz

Yazmin Cruz / Staff Photographer
Yazmin Cruz / Staff Photographer

I went to see the documentary film “No Impact Man” and loved it.

The film follows Colin Beaven, a writer and blogger, who along with his family, embark on a project that rids themselves of anything that has a negative impact on the environment.

“I”m trying to live a life in line with my values,” Beaven says.

But for Beaven’s wife, Michelle, who describes herself as having an “intense relationship with retail” and being a “reality TV aficionado,” the project is difficult to undertake.

“This is fun for Colin and murder for me,” Michelle said.

At times, their adorable little girl, Isabella, seems more on board with the project especially when she helps do the laundry in their bathtub.

The documentary is a fast paced film that condenses their one year commitment and journey into an hour and a half.

The film also shows the negative reaction that their project causes among the environmental community. Their argument is that Beaven’s crazy project reflects negatively on them. A post from a commenter on his blog reads: “Crazy people like you make the rest of us look bad.”

But although the family does some extreme things like give up bathroom tissue, the film drives the point home. It is not about being extreme, instead it’s about taking responsibility for ones’ actions.

“Why do I have to wait for congress or big business to do something?” said Beaven.

In the end, the family learns that they can’t do everything on their own. Instead they reach out to organizations that are already helping the environment and urge others to volunteer.

If you are eco-conscious or just curious, you definitely need to watch it. The film is only showing in a couple of theaters so check your listings. Check out the trailer here.

Photo by: Yazmin Cruz / Staff Reporter