Gun Accessibility Near CSUN


Ivan Salinas

The San Fernando Valley is no exception to the overwhelming options for locals to obtain a gun. The CSUN campus is surrounded by five gun stores and shooting ranges within a 10-mile radius, not counting many of the pawnshops that may carry firearms. According to the latest crime statistics of the West Valley, Van Nuys and North Hollywood police departments, there have been a total of 49 shooting victims to date in 2019.

This is a significant increase in comparison to 42 shooting victims of 2018. Within the last week of July, as the Daily News reported, the Valley experienced a sudden alarming increase in homicides. There are three months left to 2019 and it has already surpassed the crime statistics of the previous year.

This map should help to highlight the gun prevalence in our community and it should be clear that obtaining a gun in the area is not difficult. However, these locations promote the safe use of firearms through shooting practice for hunting, protection or sports.