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Letters to the editor: Oct. 6, 2009

IsraelWhere does one begin? How many of these anti-Israel rants does the Sundial intend to print year after year after year,  while your ‘Fact-Checker’ rots away like the crypt-master in Manzanita Hall.  Will anyone awaken the ‘Fact-Checker’ from his nightmarish slumber?  Why must your accidental & abashed readers always do it for you?

Glatzer wants Israel to cease to be a Jewish State, although the Balfour Declaration and the League of Nations Mandate insisted that it be such.  Glatzer doesn’t seem to be too concerned that all 22 Arab states are not ‘’secular & democratic’, why isn’t he in Egypt (where 20 percent of the population are persecuted Coptic Christians) shouting for this lovely idea? Glatzer knows full well that every minority; Christian, Hindu or Jewish that has ever lived in a Muslim state is considered ‘Dhimmi’; second class citizens.  He wants the Israelis to become Dhimmi, sorry, but they are not so stupid as to put their lives into permanent jeopardy for the likes of Mr. Glatzer.

Glatzer in his creepy ignorance and historically bizarre statistics, might be shocked to learn that the original Mandate for the re-establishment of the ancient Jewish state included what is now Jordan & the West Bank, but the British reneged on their Mandate and kept slicing the Jewish State down until they only received 20 percent of the original promise. It was that miniscule state that was voted on by the United Nations in the ‘partition’ of 1947.  But it should be understood that it was not the U.N. that gave the Israelis their state…it was won on the battlefield…first against the British, and then against a plethora of Arab states that sought to annihilate the Jews.

Glatzer’s idyllic description of ‘Palestine’ seems to come from his own febrile mind, there are no such records of ‘beautiful civilization’ by any visitors to the region.  It was the return of the Jews (who by the way were always a majority in Jerusalem for the last 1,000 years) who transformed the land , and which incidentally brought in hundreds of thousands of Arab immigrants from Syria & Egypt.

All eyewitnesses (including British & Arab) to the migration of the Arab migration during the war of 1947/48 state that the Jews asked them to stay, in fact in Haifa they drove around with blow horns begging them to stay.  It was the Arab military & governments that demanded they clear out so that the killing of the Jews would be easier to accomplish.  Glatzer’s mentioning of ‘Biological Warfare’ clearly reveals that Mr. Glatzer is a malicious liar par excellence.  He believes in the ‘Big Lie’ as taught to all propagandists by Hitler…that the ‘bigger the lie the more believable it becomes’.

Glatzer weeps for the 600,000 Palestinians who migrated, but refuses to mention the 800,000 Jewish refugees kicked out of Arab lands following the Arab defeat.  Those refugees were settled in Israel.  The Arab refugees were purposefully kept in poverty by Arab states (though their upkeep was paid by the U.N. still to this day) to use as a weapon against Israel.  When India & Pakistan were partitioned there were 13 million refugees. At the end of WWII there were 10 million German refugees kicked out of European lands

The West bank by International Law is not ‘Occupied Land’ it is called ‘Disputed Land’ because at no time was it an actual nation, not under the Turks, or the British, or the Jordanians.  Its Final Status is to be determined by negotiation.  All the borders (including Israel’s) are only Armistice Lines…the spot where armies met & stopped.

The hatred against Israel is never based on facts, it is nearly always in the Realm of the Psychological.  Mr. Glatzer doesn’t really know why he hates Israel and will falsify history to your readers.  He is in the grip of a ‘mania’ which manipulates him, he is ‘Projecting’ a brutality onto the Israelis which he knows to actually be true of the Arabs.  I will gladly debate him in any forum to prove this.

Though your paper did not cover it, I did debate Professor Klein at a  Green Party forum last semester.  I would be happy to forward my speech if you would like to print it to contrast with Mr. Glatzer’s propaganda.

-Wayne Cohen

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