A.S. after Big Show

Kristopher A. Fortin

CSUN's S.P.A.C.E. Executive Director Audrey Younna says her "Thank yous" to the Associated Students (A.S.) senators during the A.S. meeting on Tuesday.
CSUN's S.P.A.C.E. Executive Director Audrey Younna says her "Thank yous" to the Associated Students (A.S.) senators during the A.S. meeting on Tuesday. Photo caption: Katie Chavarin / Staff Photographer

Audrey Younna walked up to the microphone to a shout from Bobby Tofig, At-large Senator II, and a round of applause from the entire Associated Students (A.S.) senate for her work on the Big Show.

Though CSUN Public Safety counted 3,850 attendees at the Big Show entrances, Younna said, that was a drop from last year’s attendance record of 6,219, as previously reported by the Daily Sundial. The difference though was tickets were free for last year’s Big Show, and this year students were charged $5 and nonstudents $20.

The ticket sales were expected to reach more than 4,000, said A.S. Support Services Manager Ken Etter.

As of Tuesday, Etter said ticket sales were as follows:

• A.S. Ticket Office sold 3,240. Ticketmaster, which sold less than 300, accounted for 10 percent of the A.S. Ticket Office total sales.

• The University Corporation sold 680. Affiliated University Corporations include Freudian Sip, Mercantile Exchange, The Edge, and the Matador Bookstore. The Matador Bookstore sold about 100 tickets but those were not included in the total sales.

Clubs and Organizations raised $150 on average, said Director of Clubs and Organizations Ben Yarbrough after the meeting. Hermanos Unidos de CSUN fundraised the most at $600, Yarbrough added, while Delta Lambda Chi ran a deficit because they “brought more products than they sold.”

The reason Lupe Fiasco, the artist first announced as the main headliner a week before Talib Kweli was announced as the co-headliner, wasn’t the last act in Big Show was because Kweli missed his flight to Los Angeles, Younna said. After coordinating with Fiasco’s personnel, the lineup was changed having Kweli closing out the show.

A.S. Elections Director Dan Monteleone said that 65 to 66 election packets were given out at the Big Show. Election packets need to be filled out in order to run in the A.S. elections, with the earliest election being in November.

Associated Student’s Senate experience

A.S. representatives were given the chance on Saturday at the Big Show to go up on stage between performances.

“(The Senate) attending the Big Show, it really meant a lot to me,” Younna said.

Upper Division Senator I Austin Ysais said, after the meeting, that he met Talib Kweli and members from the Far East Movement backstage. Ysais added he was working the event as well.

The members from the Far East Movement, Ysais said, were appreciative to be performing at the Big Show.

“The people you see backstage, it’s a circus,” Ysais said.

Tonantzin Oble, Social and Behavioral Science I, said that even though she wasn’t familiar with the Big Show artists, “My sisters were singing along and it made me want to have a good time, too.”

It was Science and Math Senator II Yasmin Nadershahi’s first year attending a Big Show.

“When I was standing up there, it was good to know we were trying to unify different kinds of students,” Nadershahi said.