Dating during a global pandemic


Logan Bik

Dating joins the list of virtual activities during quarantine.

Michaella Huck, Opinion Editor

My friend had recently left an extremely toxic relationship and was prospering in the dating scene until — excuse my language — all hell broke loose. We are all at home, and if your family isn’t driving you nuts, then you might be the least bit lonely.

See, for my friend, her newly-single status was hard to handle when she’s had another person by her side for years. To make up for the lost time, she took one Thursday afternoon to sign up for dating apps geared towards people ages 18 to 24 years old.

For a solid week, everything was okay. She was getting matches and talking to quality men; then, she realized a trend. The men she was matching with were more interested in getting to know her and establishing an interpersonal connection with the need for companionship during lonely times.

At the time this article was written, there was a 5.88% increase in Match Group Inc. stocks, a company that owns several dating platforms, including Tinder, Hinge and PlentyOfFish. This rise in stocks shows the growing use of dating apps and, hopefully, the increase in love connections. Here are three ways you can make “quarantine and chill” work with your new internet love interests:

Netflix Party
Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension you add to your browser that allows you to stream Netflix with a friend. When they pause the video to grab some popcorn, they aren’t missing a beat because your screen will stop too. Plus, there’s even a text box to chat with your partner while watching. I know what you’re thinking — movie nights with your boo aren’t the same if they aren’t in your vicinity. It’s very vital to have interpersonal connections, even as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. This may serve as a critical force of social distancing, even if you can’t have them in your presence.

Have a virtual meal
A great way to learn more about your partner on a deeper level is to arrange a time where you can sit, talk and get to know each other. From bonding over what flavor of bagel you prefer to what creamer you like in your coffee, having a conversation on FaceTime over a meal can help you establish a deeper connection between you and your love interest.

Get Creative
I’m a hopeless romantic, and unfortunately, I was born in a time where chivalry isn’t as well-practiced; however, this is the perfect time to get sentimental and creative. Let your new partner win you over, so when you do get to see each other, it’s unique. Send them a long prose poem or a text you took your time on. I know we are all college students, but help out a local flower shop and get them a bouquet, or if they’re like me, use Postmates to deliver some Chick-fil-A nuggets to their doorstep. Do something to show you care.

It’s fun to get to know those around us, whether they become your long time partner or just your pandemic fling, please remember to date responsibly and keep in mind that we are all safer at home.