CSU will now offer one free online class at any system-affiliated campus for transferable credit


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CSU students are now able to take one online course from any of the CSU’s 23 universities, free of charge.

Julia Terbeche, Daily 49er

The California State University system implemented a program Thursday called CSU Fully Online that allows CSU students to take one online class from any of the 23 campuses at no additional tuition cost.

CSUN is s set to offer 3,211 classes of these courses for the fall semester.

Full-time students currently enrolled at any CSU campus may participate in the program if they have completed at least 12 units at a CSU campus, have a GPA of 2.0 or higher and have paid their tuition as a full-time student.

A fully online course is a class that is offered completely online, without scheduled meeting or exam times. Eligible students can take online courses hosted by any of the CSU campuses and transfer the credit to their home campus.

CSU Fully Online is only available for fall and spring semesters. According to theĀ website, these courses will be transferred for general education credit.

International, part-time and graduate students may be eligible to participate but must confirm with their home campus.

Course availability is up to the host institution, meaning the campus that holds the course, and students may only register for courses with open seats and within the enrollment period.