5 ways to celebrate Halloween safely


Camille Lehmann, Reporter

Celebrating any holiday or event this past year has been tricky. In the wake of COVID-19, many have assumed that Halloween 2020 is canceled. Luckily for my ghost and ghoul lovers, there are various creative ways to celebrate safely this year. With Halloween around the corner, the Daily Sundial came up with a list of different activities to do for the upcoming holiday weekend.

1. Halloween Drive-thru Experience
This year it has become very popular to still be able to go out and experience Spooktober in the comfort of your own vehicle. With Halloween coming up there have been many different types of haunted houses and spooky events to drive through. These drive-thrus, which charge per vehicle, offer a safe alternative to celebrate the holiday. You can go to these creative events with your family or close friends.

2. Halloween Drive-in Movie Theater
This year has also brought back the famous and now popular again drive-ins. Since indoor movie theaters are closed, there has been a resurgence of drive-in theaters in Los Angeles where you can have a theater-like experience from inside your car. Many drive-ins will be showing spooky movies to get people in the spirit for Halloween and allow many to celebrate in a safe way.

3. Virtual Party
Not comfortable going out and being in public? That’s alright because you can always plan a virtual party on Zoom or Skype with your friends and celebrate the holiday through a computer screen. There are many activities you can plan out with your friends like carving pumpkins, costume parties, games or even watching a movie together.

4. Socially-Distanced Small Gathering
As long as you follow the CDC guidelines and stay 6-feet apart and wear a mask, you can still have a couple of friends over. Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, it can be a perfect day to plan an outdoor socially distanced gathering with a few friends. This can be a creative way to get together safely and celebrate while incorporating games, activities like carving pumpkins, or have a TV outside or even a projector to watch a film.

5. Pumpkin Patch
Lastly, you can always enjoy the day with family or friends at a pumpkin patch. Pumpkin patches have taken account of the many guidelines to be safe during this pandemic. If you feel comfortable enough, these pumpkin patches can be a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. As long as you’re distancing yourself and wearing a mask, you can enjoy the events, take pictures and create memories. Some pumpkin patches even offer an alternative to experience the patch from your car.

Although the virus is still around, and we are all encouraged to stay safe and follow the guidelines, it’s also important to enjoy life. There are many ways to get creative and still have fun times while being safe. Whether you’re staying at home watching your favorite scary movie or eating candy corn until you have a cavity, Halloween this year is what you make it.