Going back to college with Hengame Abassi: Filmmaker and musician James Hutton

Hengame Abassi and Tiago Barreiro

Tiago Barreiro, Video Editor

Hengame Abassi is going back to college. She is non-traditional student: a student at the end of her 60s. Originally from Iran, Abassi was a nurse and reporter who had to flee political persecution while pregnant and lived in Germany for over 20 years before immigrating to the United States. She has hosted Iranian TV and radio shows in the U.S. and is currently a senior at CSUN, double majoring in linguistics and journalism. In “Going Back to College,” Hengame talks to other non-traditional students like herself.

In the second episode of “Going Back to College with Hengame Abassi,’’ Hengame talks to James Hutton, a multi-talented 65-year-old veteran currently in the screenwriting undergraduate program at CSUN.

Hutton joined the workforce right after high school, worked many jobs — including aircraft mechanic for the military — and raised his son after his divorce.

Ten years ago, he took a Spanish class at a local community college and really enjoyed being back at school. Hutton, who is also a musician, decided to take up filmmaking after observing the making of one of his music videos.

Hutton and his son, who goes to Cal State LA, are set to graduate together next spring.