3 Qualities Every Great Lawyer Should Have


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If you’ve always dreamed of fighting for the little guy in court, or you know that you’re great at debating points in front of a demanding audience, then you might have considered a career in law. Although attorneys don’t always get the best reputation, they’re treasured members of society and the kind of people we all want around when things go wrong. Becoming a lawyer is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of study and attention to detail.

You’ll need to research how much law school will cost before you get started to ensure that you’re prepared. You can answer how much law school costs by reviewing the expenses of attendance at some of the best-ranked law schools on the web today. Far too many people find law school to be cost-prohibitive and give up on the prospect of attending. There are plenty of options, and law school loans are commonplace in today’s low-interest environment. However, there’s more to becoming a lawyer than a fancy degree. You’ll also need these qualities.

Excellent Communication Skills

Lawyers need to be excellent at communication, not just with conversations, but written discussions too. These professionals must be able to listen to all sides of the story and understand what happened so they can argue convincingly for their clients. Speaking and communication skills are something that you’ll need to develop through practice and commitment. The good news is that you can improve your writing skills by taking grammar courses and practicing writing case studies in law school. Remember, you’ll also need to develop decent people skills, as you need to convince everyone you speak to that you’re a credible and trustworthy person. People are a standard part of the law, and you need to know how to interact with them.

A Mind for Analytics and Research

As a lawyer, you need to get down to the most minor and most important details when examining a case. The study and practice of law require you to absorb vast amounts of information and distill that data into something you can use. It would help if you had the evaluation and analytical skills to determine what information is most important to your case. You’ll also need to know how to research legal standards and precedents quickly, so you can build a case that’s suitable for your client. Having the skill to analyze traditional strategies and transform them into tools that you can use is crucial.


The best lawyers know how to use logic and fact to their advantage. However, when you’re fighting against another professional who also knows how to get your audience questioning what’s real, you also need creativity to set you apart and make the judge and jury pay attention. Lawyers are skilled at solving problems creatively and exploring new ideas. The best solution to a problem for your client won’t always be the most obvious, and it will be up to you to think outside of the box and pursue the most effective strategy. A creative mindset that can quickly adapt to changes in the information and consider new directions is a must-have if you want to succeed in this field. Don’t be afraid to flex your creative muscles whenever you can.

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