Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ Merchandise is a Perfect Representation of Her New Era


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Billie came screaming into the music scene with her ultimate gothic vibe. Oversized clothing, mascara running down her face, and a revolving color palette of neon-dyed hair.

That was Billie as a teenager. And a lot has happened since she’s dropped her first album.

For starters, she is now legally an adult. She owns her own home. And she is embracing her transition to womanhood.

Billie’s journey has been unique to her since day once. She unapologetically took the stage by storm with her passionate lyrics that opened up the vulnerable emotions many of us stuffed away. She made embracing that gothic, emo and sullen side cool again. And people all around the world applauded her authenticity and not conforming to the cookie-cutter pop princess so many record labels try to force musicians to be.

After a year in her new home with her brother by her side, she is getting ready to launch her new album Happier Than Ever. This album wasn’t something that was even in the works before the global pandemic hit. But circumstance sparked the inspiration for the next chapter of Billie’s reign as the queen of Gen-Z’s musical era.

With a nationwide concert also coming later in the year, fans can expect to see a more mature Billie who is just as confident, but this time as a beautifully transitioned woman. And her merchandise like the pretty boy rhinestone t-shirt is a perfect representation of her new era.

So for those that want to join us in celebrating the evolution of Billie Eilish, we’ve rounded up the must-have merchandise from Billie’s second album and detail why it is the perfect embodiment of where she is on her journey.

1. The Pretty Boy Rhinestone T-Shirt

Billie as a teenager hid beneath oversized clothes and monotone colors. But that has all changed now. She recently graced the cover of Vogue and flaunted her beautiful curves. This organic t-shirt perfectly captures this new era of Billie, with a silhouette of Billie and a t-shirt full of rhinestones. This gothic queen has a sparkly side to her too and her t-shirt fully embraces that!

2. The Get Away From Me T-Shirt

Now that Billie has transitioned into adulthood, she’s experienced true heartbreak as well. This comic strip-themed t-shirt perfectly embodies the vintage vibe of the current Billie and shows a more sophisticated version of her tears. Gone are the days of the mascara-drenched tears. Instead, a lone tea with a smile on her face shows how in control of her emotions Billie is.

3. Leave Me Alone Sweatpants

Billie is elegant, but she hasn’t abandoned her love for comfort either! These Leave Me Alone sweatpants remind us that Billie may be about embracing her glamorous side more, but she is still being her true authentic self as well. A subtle ode to the merging of Billie past and present, these sweatpants are a comfortable reminder that Billie is still very much the Billie we fell in love with during her first album!

4. The Lost Cause Swimsuit

Billie’s current style is all about embracing her body and this swimsuit is a great embodiment of that! Style classically, it represents the need to be confident in our own curves and how Billie is currently leading the way in remaining elegant while baring more skin! Sex appeal is retro and classic in this new Billie era.

From swimsuits to sweatpants, Billie’s new era of Happily Ever After is perfectly captured on these unique collector’s apparel and allows us all to channel our inner Billie vibes when we rock them ourselves!

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