Why Scottish Folds Have So Many Health Problems

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When becoming a cat owner, you have a vast selection of breed options to choose from. Some sources claim there are only 15 breeds of cats, whereas The International Cat Association states there are about 70 various cat breeds.

Each breed of cat has different personalities and characteristics. Most cats become indoor cats at the pet owner’s home and do not require outdoor exercise. When choosing a cat breed, you want to find a breed that has the personality you are looking for. Some cats prefer to be left alone and free to roam around the home. Others show more affectionate behavior towards their owners and may want to cuddle or play.

If you are looking for an affecting cat that will bond with you, the Scottish Fold is a great option and will be a great addition to your family. Just like any pet, it is best if you read up on the specific breed, health history of the breed, and personality traits of the breed. That way, you can make an educated decision on the type of cat that will fit best within your home and lifestyle.

When someone adopts a pet, that new home should be its forever home. Most of the time when you see animals returned to The Humane Society, many times it is because the owner liked the idea of the specific pet or breed and did not do the research on what that pet may need to live a happy and healthy life. If you are interested in adopting a Scottish Fold, here is a quick guide to help you decide if this breed is the right pet for you.

Where Do Scottish Folds Originate From?

The Scottish Fold feline family originated in Scotland. This breed was founded when a local cat fancier saw this cat. During the early breeding of this cat, there were many potential genealogical issues but after a decade from its first known existence, these cats were being bred successfully and were being acclimated to people’s homes.

Characteristics Of A Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds are an interesting and unique breed of cat. This breed’s primary distinguishable trait are the ears of the Scottish Fold. Unlike other cats with pointy ears, the Scottish Fold’s ears have a distinct crease. This causes the ears to sit closer to the head. Combine this with a round head, this breed resembles an appearance similar to that of an owl.

The Scottish Fold felines are mid-size cats, weighting around 10 lbs. This breed has shown to have either long or short hair versions. In addition, this breed comes in a spectrum of colors.

Common Health Problems Of The Scottish Fold Feline Breed

In the early years of this cat’s breeding, many health problems were being speculated. Examples of the concerns included the breed’s deafness, ear mites, and potential ear infections. Once these concerns were put to bed, this cat’s breed was being accepted more in the cat fancy communities around the world.

With the Scottish Fold’s ear shape, it is very important for owners to pay close attention to the cat’s ear health. On a weekly basis, it is recommended that you help your cat with ear care. Clean the ears and ensure there is no debris, ear wax build-up, or ear mites hiding in there. Frequent cleaning will also prevent any bacterial infections within the ears. Ear care is very important, especially because of the shape of this breed’s ears. Most cats are great at self-cleaning the majority of the time, but with the Scottish Fold’s ear shape, this breed has challenges keeping the ears clean by themselves.

The Scottish Fold is known to have other health concerns. Some of these concerns include kidney diseases like polycystic kidney disease, joint disorders, and osteochondrodysplasia which prevents bone and cartilage development in the cat’s body.

Despite these potential medical issues, the Scottish Fold is a great pet to have around the house. They will be extremely friendly, can be left alone if needed, and sometimes like to be talkative and meow throughout the day.

How To Help Your Scottish Fold Live A Long And Happy Life

If you care for your cat correctly, you will be able to help your Scottish Fold live a long and happy nine lives. Help the cat keep clean ears and watch out for other potential health conditions. In return, the Scottish Fold is known to be very affectionate with its owners and family.

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