Get Ready for Raves With These Essentials

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Summer time is officially here, and it is your time to shine and get hot, hot, hot! Turn up the heat and turn up the volume when you head out to a night out with your friends you will never forget: a rave! Of course, if you want to be part of the party and meet the raver status quo, you have to be in the know and have the right look and gear.

Are you a first time rave party goer and not sure where to find those key rave essentials? Look no further. Here is a list of some of the most key items you will need to look and feel the part at any rave party. Before long, you might just be hosting your own!

What is a Rave?

If you are totally new to the rave scene, here is a quick run down on what rave parties are and what to expect. There are lots of misconceptions about raves, so first you should know what will be going down at these goings-on.

A rave is the common name for a type of dance party that generally features dance music in the electronic style, usually spun or performed by DJs (though live acts may also be featured). The music is amplified and pumped up to get all the dancers pumped, with a special emphasis on bass and electronica effects. Some styles of music that may be featured are house, dubstep, electronica-funk, techno, and hardcore. The music featured may be brand new or even some mash-up mixtures of hits from bands from any point in time spanning multiple musical styles (such as British band Status Quo, whose career has spanned over the past fifty years in the boogie rock genre).

While there is no set type of venue for a rave, you may expect to find one in eclectic venues such as warehouses, abandoned garages or properties, emptied out pools, open fields, and sometimes privately owned businesses or living spaces. You can expect all sorts of interesting visual effects to go along with the music. Commonly used rave effects are computer generated visuals, fog machines or dry ice, laser light demonstrations, or a variety of colored lights and images. Do not be surprised to see live performances artists amongst the crowd, as well! Raves are frequented by all sorts of performance acts, the most popular being fire dancers, hoop dancers, or circus style acts of various types.

A rave may be a large, publicly announced event that is open to all comers in a common space or a private, underground undertaking with a sort of speakeasy mystery vibe (though it may be more appropriate to call it a “speakloudly!”). Rather than being a short concert, raves typically last for several hours, often through the night and sometimes for a full day or more. Raves can be an amazing source of clean dancing fun where everyone participating is getting a natural rush from the music, the visuals, and the camaraderie of the scene.

Now that you have a sense of what the rave scene is like, you can begin to gear up to get out and experience one yourself! One of the best parts of a rave is dressing up, letting loose, and having fun, so have a blast trying out these rave essentials and adding them to your fun fashion wardrobe.

Look the Part for the Party

While there is certainly no set uniform to attend a rave party, there are some definite looks you can try out that will be conducive to looking and feeling cool at the scene. Invest in some rave clothes that make you feel like your most brilliant, amazing self!

As you are considering your clothing options, take a few factors into consideration. When anything goes, as it does at the festival and EDM (electronic dance music) scene, you create your own limits (and can break right through them).

Keep in mind that you are going to be doing a lot of dancing. Repeat: a LOT of dancing. So comfort and keeping cool is a top priority. You can be as revealing as you please. Bikinis and pasties are common, as are crop and tank tops and booty shorts. You can also choose to express your inner animal with cute, fuzzy hats.

Just make sure you check the weather and the details on the venue to ensure you will be able to keep cool (but not TOO cool). And above all, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes! Those high heeled stiletto shoes may look great, but they are not ideal for the hours of grooving you’ve got ahead of you. This cannot be emphasized enough: if you are going to a rave, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. There are a lot of different options, but definitely make closed toed shoes a priority. There will be lots of people dancing around you, and odds are a few toes will be stepped on throughout the night.

Aside from that, it is really up to you to decide what you are most comfortable in. You may opt for something more casual like a pair of sneakers, or make a bolder statement with a pair of platforms or combat boots. As long as you feel like you will be ache and blister free for the whole night of grooving, you are good to go!

Look Sew Good

Because you are going to be grooving so hard, you will want to make sure your favorite raving outfits stand the test of time (and your sweet moves). To avoid having to buy that favorite crop top all over again, you may want to invest in a small, handy sewing kit to quickly stitch up any rips or tears. Or maybe you are feeling extra bold and ready to express yourself on a whole new level by creating your own clothes from scratch! Whether it’s for quick fixes or fixing up a brand new, unique piece of rave wear on your own, Love Sew has all the tools and materials you need. Kits, patches, sewing machines, and sewing accessories will all be extremely handy in expanding and maintaining your rave closet.

Face the Music

Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing you can fancy up when going to a rave party. There are all sorts of amazing products and accessories for hair and makeup that you can explore, too. Cosmetics have come a long way and are available in endless colors, varieties, shades, styles, and types. Many are also offered in hypoallergenic and sensitive skin options, as well, so you don’t need to worry about the after effects of a hot, sweaty dance night on your complexion.

Here are some fun options for extra rave glam style:

• Body glitter: Glitter isn’t just for arts and crafts! Use body glitter to highlight certain parts or go all over your body for a truly magnificent sparkle.

• Hair dye: Whether you go permanent or temporary, subtle or bold, hair dye is a great way to make a statement with your luscious locks.

• Add-ons: Amp up your look by building on your natural assets. Try some hair extensions for long head banger locks, or check out false eyelashes from MoxieLash to make your peepers pop!

Turn Up and Turn It Up!

The best part about attending a rave party is the general feeling of inclusiveness. Make a bold choice with your rave wear that shows off the best, shiniest parts of who you are, then be ready to be embraced fully and embrace others, as well. Live your life as your best you and dance the night away!

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