Associated Students senate passes resolution that calls for diversifying CSUN professors


Noor Sufi

Associated Students President Jonathan Hay speaks about the “AS Commitment to Diversifying CSUN Professors” during the senate’s meeting on Monday, Nov. 15, 2021.

Noor Sufi, Reporter

The Associated Students passed a resolution called “AS Commitment to Diversifying CSUN Professors” during their weekly meeting on Monday. The resolution calls for hiring more CSUN professors from minority backgrounds.

Colored Minds Inc., a student coalition which aims to diversify the faculty at CSUN, launched a petition on Jan. 11 demanding the university hire more tenured and tenure-track faculty of color from minority backgrounds.

As of fall 2021, 56.3% of the university’s 794 tenured and tenure-track faculty are white. Meanwhile, 68.2% of the student population — over 38,000 strong — identified as belonging to a racially-minoritized group.

On March 17, CMI met with Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Mary Beth Walker to address hiring strategies that are intended to diversify professors.

The resolution called for the administration to set aside significant funds for cluster hiring — which increases academic diversity, according to research — and designate certain positions across CSUN to be part of a cluster hire, particularly in disciplines where diversity is most lacking.

Associated Students requests Walker to develop specific diversity goals that prioritize hiring faculty of color and present an annual progress report to students, faculty and staff.

Senator Charlie Rodriguez-Salazar motioned to approve the resolution, which passed with a unanimous vote.

The resolution will be sent to CSUN President Erika D. Beck, United States Department of Education, California Department of Education and the California State University Board of Trustees.


The senate voted to appoint the following individuals:
Manuel Duran was appointed to the senate as an Elections Committee Member.
Alexandra Martinez and Nicole Joseph were appointed to the senate as a Communications Committee Member. The Communications Committee works with senators on organizing town halls with the campus community.