PhenQ Review 2023: Real Weight Loss Results & Testimonials


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Nine months ago, I was struggling with weight issues and desperately unhappy. That all changed after my best friend recommended a natural diet pill called PhenQ.

When she suggested it, I was in two minds about trying it because I’d already tried so many other diet pills, and none of them worked. They’d all let me down with cheap weight loss pills, cheap diet pills.

In my experience, many supplements for weight loss do not contain the correct ingredients and are not as well dosed. Therefore, during the three years before I began using PhenQ, I tried many different brands to help me lose weight and prevent further weight gain.

I began to research and read lots of information and reviews on PhenQ – (from authentic sources), and I eventually ordered from the official website.

You can check pricing and special offers from the PhenQ website – all orders come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so it virtually negates any financial risk.

Sometimes, I used the pills for two or three months because the manufacturers said you needed to use them that long to start getting results. But, I gave them a month because four weeks should be long enough to notice some change in the weight loss process.

There were also a few brands that I had to stop using after only a few days because they made me feel jittery and ill.

One diet pill I bought online made me so unwell I missed several days of work. If I weren’t in the restroom, I would be lying on my bed. I lost a few pounds of body fat that time, but only because I felt too ill to eat. That’s not a good way to lose weight.

Right from the start, I’ve kept a weight loss diary. I use it to record my weight, what I eat, my exercise, and which weight loss supplements I try. But, it made me sorry to read until the PhenQ weight loss supplement became a chapter of my life.

My friend was right. PhenQ is different from other weight loss pills. However, it works, so now I’m recommending it too.

There are lots of other similar weight loss success stories too. Recently the UK publication the Daily Mail featured Nicola Sproat from Glasgow, who lost half her body weight while using PhenQ.

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a diet pill that has only natural ingredients in it. One of them is a cactus extract, another comes from chili peppers. There’s also a little caffeine to help prevent diet-related fatigue.

I know some people frown on pills with caffeine in them, but this one does not contain any more than you’d get by drinking a cup of coffee. I’ve heard some people cannot tolerate any caffeine, but I’ve never met any of them and never had any bad experiences while using PhenQ.

The main ingredient in PhenQ is something called a-Lacys Reset. It’s a combination of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. I’d never heard of either one of those, so I had to look them up. Due to the bad experiences I’ve had in the past, I never take anything without understanding what’s in it.

Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant. Your body makes it. You can also get it from red meat, carrots, and many other foods.

According to WebMD (one of the few online sources I trust), your body uses alpha-lipoic acid to break down carbohydrates to give you energy.

It’s also good for treating obesity, lowering cholesterol, and doing much other stuff. It can also help prevent further weight gain.

Cysteine is an essential amino acid your body uses to build skin, nails, and hair. One of the other things it may do is help you to increase muscle mass while you are burning fat. It is an essential component of a healthy diet. [source]

How Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ weight loss pills help you to lose weight in multiple ways. It has several mechanisms of action.

Here’s the list of benefits they show on the official site:

  • Suppresses appetite
  • Burns fat,
  • Boosts energy
  • Stops fat production
  • Improves your mood

I can confirm it suppresses appetite because I started feeling less hungry from day one.

I noticed this straight away because I could reduce my portion sizes without feeling the urge to go back for seconds. The other good thing is that when I’m using PhenQ dietary supplements, I don’t have any more urges to go and grab any snacks.

I can also confirm PhenQ helps you to burn more fat. I lost three pounds in the first week. The pills don’t contain any diuretics, so I wasn’t peeing away the pounds. They don’t contain any laxatives either, so I wasn’t pooping any more than normal. So the weight I lost had to be fat, and by the end of the second week, I even appeared to be looking a little thinner.

PhenQ also gave me some extra energy. You take the tablets two times per day, and I noticed that I felt a little more lively within half an hour of taking them. Even more so when I took them with coffee instead of water, but that may not be a good idea if you are not good with caffeine.

I have no idea if PhenQ stops fat production. All I know is it helped me to burn away my fat. That’s all I need to know.

As for my mood. I think it helped with that too. Dieting has always made me feel grumpy and made me snap at people. I’m not doing that anymore and generally feel pretty okay.


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How PhenQ Is Different from Other Weight Loss Supplements

Here are a few benefits.

1. Helps fat burning, reducing stored body fat and fat accumulation

2. Help suppress appetite, food cravings and controls calorie intake

3. Boosts metabolism and accelerate fat burning

4. Contains all-natural ingredients to support weight loss

5. 60-day money-back guarantee

6. Free Shipping worldwide

I’m not a doctor or a scientist, but I’ve used a lot of different weight loss supplements and have plenty of personal experience. The biggest difference between PhenQ weight loss pills and the other pills I tried is it works.

Most weight loss supplements I took before curbed my hunger a little bit but not to the extent of PhenQ fat burner and, curbed appetite or not, they didn’t help me to lose any weight.

A few weight loss pills even made me feel more hungry and gain weight. PhenQ takes away my hunger and my excess flab. That’s what pills for weight loss are meant to do. It’s so sad that most of them don’t.

The other good thing about PhenQ is it doesn’t contain too much caffeine. I also like that it has no extra stimulants. Some of the pills I took in the early days (before I began researching the ingredients)had me dashing around like a lunatic, gave me heart palpitations, and made me feel dizzy and ill.

PhenQ provides enough caffeine to ward off fatigue but doesn’t go over the top.

None of the other weight loss supplements I tried did anything to help my mood. So when I began using PhenQ, that was a first. It’s not what I would call a “happy pill” but it does prevent me from becoming stressed and acting like a total grump.

Another big difference between PhenQ and the other fat-burning products I tried is the number of things it does. None of the others helped me in so many different ways. Some people say it’s like five dietary supplements rolled into one. I think that’s an exaggeration, but it certainly does more than the alternatives do.

The Power Is In the Ingredients

Although I trust my best friend’s opinion, I still checked all the ingredients in PhenQ before I began using it. Once burned (more than once in my case), twice shy; you know the drill.

I noticed that all of the ingredients have plenty of science behind them. A few of the ingredients were in some of the other dietary supplements but didn’t seem to do anything.

I think PhenQ must have better doses. On the other hand, the combination may work in its favor. If you try and think of weight loss as a team sport, a few good players may not be enough to carry a losing team. But if your team members are all-star players, that’s a recipe for success. That’s the way I see it, anyway.

PhenQ has seven key players, just like a netball team.

1. a-Lacys Reset

2. Nopal cactus extract

3. Caffeine

4. Capsimax

5. Chromium

6. Calcium

7. L-carnitine

Several of the ingredients help with hunger and cravings but, according to my research, nopal and Capsimax are the ones that give the greatest level of support.

a-Lacys Reset – for Fat Burning

I’ve never seen this ingredient in any other diet pills, so that it might be exclusive to PhenQ.

Clinical studies show a-Lacys Reset is suitable for supporting fat loss, reducing body fat, and increasing muscle mass.

When you are dieting, it’s easy to lose muscle mass. Lots of people have that problem. When your body is burning fat for energy, it often burns a little muscle protein.

When you lose muscle, it slows your metabolism. By doing this, it can affect your ability to lose weight. By helping you gain a little muscle instead of losing it, a-Lacys Reset helps change the state of the game.

A-lacys Reset is used to burn fat and preserve lean muscle.

Nopal – for Appetite Suppression

Nopal is also called prickly pear. This is because people used to chew chunks of it while they were hunting to prevent hunger from distracting them. That’s the traditional way to do it, but people only knew it worked from experience. They had no idea why it worked.

Research suggests the appetite suppressing ability of the nopal is due to its high fiber content. It also provides amino acids (naturally occurring amino acids) that may also help.

Research shows nopal is also a fat blocker – it can prevent weight gain and extra fat.

I would never buy fat-blocking diet pills. They reduce how many calories you can get from fats in food. In my opinion, that’s not enough help, but it’s a nice little extra for a product like PhenQ dietary supplement.

Caffeine – for Energy

Caffeine is a stimulant. It wakes you up and gives you energy. Most people know about that. It also improves your mental focus and makes it easier to concentrate. So that’s common knowledge too.

Caffeine boosts metabolism too. By doing so, it helps you to burn extra calories. Even when you are resting. A lot of people are unaware of this. I admit I used to be one of them, but I’ve found plenty of clinical studies that prove it is so.

Here’s a link to one of them. In addition to proving caffeine works for fat loss, it also shows that 100 mg in PhenQ is an effective dose.

Caffeine can increase mood and energy levels and help you set realistic weight loss goals.

Capsimax – Powerful Weight Loss Supplement

I like this ingredient. Everything I’ve read about it impresses me. It’s a very popular weight loss ingredient too, but a lot of weight loss pills don’t give you enough.

Capsimax is a proprietary blend that’s mostly capsicum extract but also contains a little niacin and piperine.

Niacin is a B vitamin that boosts energy. It also improves circulation. It’s in a lot of pre-workout supplements because it helps you enhance your workout by helping your muscles get plenty of blood.

Piperine comes from black pepper. It’s in many supplements, not just ones for people who need help to lose weight. Supplement companies use it because it helps your body absorb other ingredients more efficiently. This increases the beneficial effects.

Capsicum provides something called capsaicin that can aid your diet by reducing hunger and boosting your metabolism to help you burn extra fat.

I found a lot of studies that prove capsaicin can do these things. Here’s one that provides a roundup of some of the main things it does:

The only downside to capsaicin is it can be a little hard on the stomach because it’s the compound that makes chili peppers so hot. So the company that produces Capsimax uses a unique delivery system that prevents stomach upset by retaining the capsaicin until it reaches the guts.

The Other Weight Loss Ingredients

The final three ingredients in PhenQ are chromium, calcium, and L-carnitine.

Chromium is in many powerful weight loss pills because it helps prevent cravings for sugar and carbs.

As you may know, calcium is a mineral that’s necessary for strong bones and teeth. Research suggests calcium may also do something that prevents your body from storing fat. That’s why calcium carbonate is present in PhenQ.

L-carnitine is an amino acid that does many things in your body. One of the things is to help you burn stored fat for energy. It reduces fatigue as well.

L-carnitine also enhances mood and has great potential as a possible treatment for depression.

I’m guessing it’s the ingredient in PhenQ that helped me stop being Mrs. Grumpy Cow.

Charting My PhenQ Weight Loss Journey

Looking back at my weight loss diary, I find it hard to believe how much PhenQ has helped me. I was losing weight steadily from the very first week.

I took moderate exercise (walking, cycling, light aerobics) every weeknight but did not make any special effort to exercise on the weekends.

My diet was good too. I ate healthily every day (with no cheat days or cheat meals), making sensible food choices and avoiding high fat or sugar options.

My exercise level has been consistent for the last few years but, before PhenQ, I wasn’t making any progress.

But I was eating less because, thanks to PhenQ, I could eat smaller portions of food without feeling hungry.

I ate three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, + dinner) and avoided sugary drinks and soda. I allowed myself a few glasses of wine at the weekends but nothing over the top

PhenQ Weight Loss Results

Diet + Exercise + PhenQ (Weight Loss Log)


Week Weight Loss/Gain from Previous Week Total Loss/Gain
1 241 lbs N/A
2 238 lbs 3 lbs 3 lbs
3 234 lbs 4 lbs 7 lbs
4 231 lbs 3 lbs 10 lbs
5 228 lbs 3 lbs 13 lbs
6 224 lbs 4 lbs 17 lbs
7 220 lbs 4 lbs 21 lbs
8 217 lbs 3 lbs 24 lbs
9 215 lbs 2 lbs 26 lbs
10 212 lbs 3 lbs 29 lbs
11 210 lbs 2 lbs 31 lbs
12 207 lbs 3 lbs 34 lbs
13 204 lbs 3 lbs 37 lbs
14 201 lbs 3 lbs 40 lbs
15 198 lbs 3 lbs 43 lbs
16 196 lbs 4 lbs 47 lbs
17 193 lbs 3 lbs 50 lbs
18 191 lbs 2 lbs 52 lbs
19 189 lbs 2 lbs 54 lbs
20 187 lbs 2 lbs 56 lbs
21 185 lbs 2 lbs 58 lbs
22 183 lbs 2 lbs 60 lbs
23 181 lbs 2 lbs 62 lbs
24 178 lbs 3 lbs 65 lbs
25 176 lbs 2 lbs 67 lbs
26 174 lbs 2 lbs 69 lbs

Why I Didn’t Try to Lose Weight Faster

As you can see, I was initially losing around three pounds per week and dropped 69 pounds in three months. By then, I was almost at my goal weight of 172 pounds.

My weight fluctuates slightly from time to time now, but I’m generally hovering somewhere between 169 – 175 pounds. I’m happy with that. I feel better than I have in years and more confident about my appearance. It’s incredible how things have changed during the last half a year.

You may also notice I gradually began losing less weight per week. Again, I’m no expert, but things that I’ve read suggest this may be because as I became lighter and my lower bulk required fewer calories per day to maintain it.

I probably could have lost weight faster by eating even less or doing more rigorous exercise if I wanted to. I was happy with my rate of weight loss, though.

Two or three pounds per week is a healthy rate of weight loss. I didn’t see any need to go faster and didn’t want to put any extra strain on myself. Slowly but surely, I was winning the race.

I didn’t try to go faster because I wanted to give myself plenty of time to adjust to eating less food. Crash dieting is not for me, and experts don’t recommend it. When you lose weight too fast, you can regain it quickly. It’s so easy to drift back into previous bad habits.

Is PhenQ Good Value for Money?

PhenQ does what it says on the tin. In my book, that makes it excellent value for money. I recommend the PhenQ weight loss supplement 100%.

I had been struggling with my weight for a long time. Now that struggle is over and if I do find myself sliding back, I know PhenQ will be able to help me again, but I doubt I’ll need it. I continue to eat healthily and have not stopped exercising because I’ve lost weight. I have a very healthy lifestyle now, and that’s how I plan to keep it.

In the years before PhenQ, I wasted a lot of money on weight loss supplements that didn’t work. Some of them were cheaper than PhenQ, others were more expensive.

Even with the cheaper ones, I was still wasting money because they could not provide the support I needed. The results are essential, not the price on the tag.

Using PhenQ to lose weight won’t break the bank. You can even get special deals if you order more bottles. For example, I got five bottles for three because I knew I had a long way to go. Then bought one more to take me the final few steps of the way.

Although I never needed it, I was impressed to see the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. I admit it gave me extra peace of mind.

PhenQ Review Conclusion

I lost weight by using the PhenQ supplement with a healthy diet and exercise. I never thought it was some kind of magic pill. PhenQ can work for you too, but it may not work if you don’t put in some extra effort.

I know it sounds boring, but if you are serious about losing weight, I suggest you track your progress. It will help you to maintain your focus and allow you to monitor the progress you make.

Although you may want the weight loss process to go faster, it may also be a good idea to avoid trying to lose weight too quickly.

I’m sure PhenQ could help you do it, but if you have been overweight for a long time and are used to eating a lot, using PhenQ to support a crash diet could work in the short term but may not allow you to maintain long-term success.

The 60-day money-back guarantee provides absolute confidence.

Where to Buy PhenQ Diet Pills

Available from the official website only

If you want to buy PhenQ, it is exclusive to the official website. Unfortunately, Wolfson Brands doesn’t sell from health stores, pharmacies, or retailers. As a result, PhenQ is not available to order on Amazon, GNC, Walmart, or CVS.

Each bottle of PhenQ provides a 30-day supply of pills and costs $69:95 (price correct at the time of this review 2022).

There are no additional charges for shipping or handling PhenQ orders to the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, and most other countries worldwide.

other contact details are as follows:

contact us +1 (646) 513 2632 or Email: –  WOLFSON BRANDS LIMITED

FAQs on PhenQ Diet Pills

Can PhenQ’s Ingredients Aid Fat Burn?

Yes, the combined ingredients can help target stored body fat and help burn fat cells. They can also prevent weight gain and

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

The weight-loss benefits of the natural ingredients are immense. You can typically lose around 2lbs per week.

How Does PhenQ Compare to Other Diet Pills?

If you need a fat-burning pill that can also suppress appetite, reduce sugar cravings, preserve lean muscle mass, boost energy levels and reduce fluid retention – there is nothing better than PhenQ on the market.

Is PhenQ Suitable for Men?

Yes, the natural ingredients can be used by anyone, both male and female.

Are All PhenQ Reviews Genuine?

You should do your due diligence – not all testimonials, comments, and weight loss stories on PhenQ are legitimate.

To find out more on PhenQ, visit the official website

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