CSUN intramural sports season kicks off


Connor Clark

Participants in the CSUN intramural flag football league play on the field behind the Student Recreation Center on Dec. 7, 2021, in Northridge, Calif.

David Nunez, Reporter

CSUN’s Student Recreation Center has kicked off the semester with a new season of intramural sports. This new season will see the return of many older sports that were once canceled because of COVID-19 protocols.

Since the start of the pandemic, the SRC has only offered gaming and outdoor intramural sports. However, the SRC will carry out the reintroduction of indoor sports in the intramural leagues this semester.

“Last semester people were really looking forward to indoor sports,” said Victoria Valenzuela, who’s in charge of intramural soccer. “We had some people drop out of the leagues [due to lack of indoor sports], and had to cancel some altogether. So, we’re expecting a bigger turnout rate this year.”

For the spring semester, students can form teams with their friends and participate in sports like 3-on-3 innertube basketball, basketball, dodgeball, indoor volleyball, flag football, indoor soccer, running, swim challenges and ultimate frisbee.

“Intramurals is a place where we want to make everyone feel[s] welcome and encouraged to play sports,” said Valenzuela. “We see people with different levels of experience in sports all the time in intramurals.”

Registration for intramural sports started on Jan. 24 and ends on Feb. 28. To register for any of the intramural sports or to see the schedules for all the leagues visit IMLeagues.

Anybody who wants to participate in intramural sports for the spring semester must sign the SRC waiver and pay the IM pass fee. The fee is $7 for students and $12 for faculty. For further information on additional costs and necessities to play intramural sports you can visit CSUN’s intramural sports eligibility and guidelines page here.

As registration continues, returning participants have expressed their excitement for the full reopening of intramural sports.

“Intramural sports are for everyone, it’s not like club sports where there’s tryouts or traveling to different locations for tournaments,” said Chance Childs, captain of the flag football team Gamma Moo Moo. “Anybody and everybody can play, which is a good thing because I’ve met a lot of people over the years. Some of the people I still keep in contact with.”

Childs is a CSUN alumnus and has come back to play his fifth year of intramural sports. Childs has plenty of in-game experience and knows the culture of intramural sports.

“There’s a healthy mix of competitiveness and fun in this,” Childs said. “I definitely think this is a great way for people to step out of their comfort zone, and go out there and have fun. Your time in college goes fast, so utilize all the things CSUN has to offer, you’re already paying for it out of your tuition so you might as well do it.”

To get involved in any of the intramural sports CSUN has to offer, visit CSUN’s intramural sports page here.