How a Tie Dye Hoodie Can Support Dogs 


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When we think about supporting animals, many believe we can only do that by adopting shelter animals and taking on their care ourselves. While we would all love to adopt every dog and animal we see struggling in an unfair system, it isn’t practical for us to take care of all the animals we’d like to. That’s where it comes in handy to know of some brands and companies that have dedicated their business to helping dogs and supporting shelters that offer care rather than euthanize their unadopted animals. A few great companies sell great products to show your support to dogs in shelters while giving a percentage of their profits to animal rights organizations. I bet you never thought that buying a tie-dye hoodie could help save the lives of thousands of dogs, and that’s why we’re writing this article today! Keep reading to meet the brand that helps save dogs with their styling tie dye hoodies, perfect for any dog lover.  

PAWZ Giveback  

PAWZ is a fantastic company that sells creatively designed clothing for animal lovers who want to give back. Their company mission states to donate 10% of their profits to no-kill shelters and animal rights organizations that help and support dogs to find homes and get the love and care they need. Unfortunately, too many animals end up in kill shelters only because they don’t have a home. Unfortunately, these animals exist in a broken system that forgets about the dogs who need the most help, and that’s why shopping with PAWZ is a great way to support dogs in need. Check out their collection of tie dye hoodies and apparel!  

Support Shelter Animals  

Buying one of these tie dye hoodies is a direct and effective way to contribute to helping shelters that are committed to caring for these displaced animals. This could be a great choice for the next birthday in your family or for any gift-giving occasion that might be coming up. For any animal lover, there is something for you in their collection of themed designs. Animals end up in shelters for all kinds of reasons. Some animals are left abandoned by careless owners, or are thrown out from a litter by a breeder. When these animals end up on the street, more often than not, they’re taken to a traditional shelter where they face potential euthanization if they are unadopted. Keep reading to learn more about no-kill shelters and how they differ from traditional ones.  

Support No-Kill Shelters  

Some people may be unaware of the existence of no-kill shelters. For those that don’t know, no-kill shelters don’t euthanize their animals. Instead, they keep these dogs alive and cared for until they find a home. The struggle here is that these shelters have higher costs due to their animals’ continuous care and often struggle to gain the support they need to continue helping these dogs. That’s why these tie-dye hoodies from PAWZ are such a ray of light in a broken system, it gives help to the facilities that need it most across America. No-kill shelters need our support, so make sure you support companies like PAWZ with a comprehensive give-back system to help these pups find the home they deserve.  

Save Dogs in Style!  

Who doesn’t want a stylish way to support their furry friends! Showing your support for dogs and no-kill shelters with a stylish tie-dye hoodie will not make you feel great about your purchase but hopefully attract the attention of other dog lovers who want to contribute to the same causes as you! With any cause, it’s necessary to get the word out and spread information about what these issues are and who is out there worrying about it. So often, we feel as though these problems are bigger than us, and there is little we can do to contribute to helping. But in reality, if all of us do a small part, we can help bring a better life to the animals that deserve it!  

Purchasing a tie-dye hoodie in support of dogs can help struggling animals. When purchasing from a company like PAWZ that donates 10% of its profit towards no-kill shelters and animal rights organizations, you’re helping dogs and the facilities that have committed to caring for them and bringing them a better quality of life. No-kill shelters care for their animals until they find a home, meaning that while they provide a better quality of life, they accrue more costs than traditional shelters, and that’s why they need our help! So consider getting yourself a stylish tie-dye hoodie to help dogs find a home today!   

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