Sunset Sessions: Alex Andre


Shannon Carter

Alex Andre at Sunset Sessions.

PJ Shahamat, Audio Editor

Alex Andre and his band joins Sunset Sessions for a performance of some of his catalog. Andre, real name Cesar Alas, discusses the stylistic transition when starting his new project and his collaboration with VI6NNA. Andre also organizes shows under Redacted Collective. He discusses the possibility of a name change and the shifting future of the collective.

Andre and his band playing his 2020 single “BRB Crying.”

Andre with his band and VI6NNA play “ride with u” off their 2021 EP.

Andre and his band play his 2021 single “why do they call it the refresh button if i feel worse when i press it.”

Audio/Producer/Host: PJ Shahamat
Videographer/Director: Conor Richards
Editor: Nathan Mihopoulos
Photographer: Shannon Carter
Production Assistants: Rocky Walker, Sonia Hiew and Habeba Mostafa