Photo Essay: CSUN’s Theatre Guild


Taylor Arthur

Joseph Perez (Cinderella’s Prince/The Wolf), Darian Calderon (Baker) and Rachel Fischer (Cinderella) performs in “Into the Woods” at the CSUN Campus Theatre on April 9, 2022, in Northridge, Calif.

Kaitlyn Lavo, Photo Editor

Despite an annual budget of $3,400, lower enrollment rates, and shifts in leadership midway through the spring semester, CSUN’s Theatre Guild pulled together productions at a professional scale.

The CSUN Theatre Guild successfully put on live performances for the first time since schools had transitioned to virtual learning. The Sundial followed the progress of the spring musical production of “Into the Woods,” a story of the classic fairy tales, where you find out what happens after the happily ever after.

Production began on Feb. 4, 2022, in Northridge, California, with the first read through and blocking of the show. Shortly into the beginning of the semester, Eric White took over as head of the theatre department. The shift in leadership did not keep the guild from continuing what they had begun. Everyone had a job to do.

The department has their own costume designers come in to make the clothing for their productions, while set designers plan and execute the set builds for each show. From set designer to sound technician to lighting, students in the department are required to try out every position as part of their curriculum in order to get a better understanding of all the efforts that go into the making of a professional-level production.

With opening night approaching on April 8, 2022, the department was concerned that there would be a lack of attendance due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County. To combat this, they discounted the tickets to $15 for students to boost sales.

After weeks of preparation, the show continued and still brought in supportive crowds. The cast of students was greeted by applause and congratulations. Bouquets of flowers were handed to them as a token of admiration for the work they put into the show as the cast took their final bows.

The Sundial reached out to the department heads and directors for comments regarding the show and the department’s updates, but they did not give a response to the reporters.