Cold Pressed Juice vs Regular Juice: What’s the Difference? 


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So you’ve decided to go on a juice cleanse! Very exciting, but what type of juice? While you might just want to toss everything into a blender and call it a day to juice up your life, there are actually two types of juice that you need to know about in order to pull off a successful juice cleanse. Cold pressed juice and regular juice might sound the same, and you do get the same result- turning fruits and vegetables into juices- with both methods. However, there are some differences that you need to be aware of.  

But which one is going to be the best for your juice cleanse you might ask? That’s what this article is going to talk about, and by the end you will know which method you should use to reach your goals. 

What Goes Into Making Regular Juice? 

You probably know what the process is for regular juice. You place the desired fruits and vegetables into a centrifugal juicer, where there are sharp blades at the bottom. Then when the juicer is turned on, the sharp blades turn on at very high speeds and pulverize the ingredients that are in range of the blades. This process turns the fruit into juice that you can drink, but it does come with some drawbacks. 

For one thing, the rapid spinning of the blades creates a lot of heat, which destroys the ingredients and ruins the flavor. Everything is burned away by the blades and you find that the juice isn’t as potent as it would be if you had used another method. Then most juice companies try to compensate for the lack of flavor by adding artificial sugars and sweeteners, and since the entire point of your juice cleanse might be to remove these things from your diet… it’s not the best method. 

Additionally, the process of pasteurization is also used, which heats the juice over 100 degrees fahrenheit to kill bacteria and that further reduces the flavor of the juice. So you aren’t going to be getting a lot of natural flavor with regular juice, but it will still taste good. Plus, for companies it is often faster and cheaper to make juice this way, which translates to cheaper prices at the market whenever you go to buy it.  

What Goes Into Making Cold Pressed Juice? 

Cold pressed juice uses no heat, and it is similar to squeezing the juice out of a fruit yourself, just faster and more efficient. Companies who cold press inspect every fruit and vegetable to ensure they are the highest quality, and then chop them up and place them in a special filter bag that is a lot like a sieve. Then the bag filled with the pieces is placed inside of a hydraulic press that pushes down on these pieces with thousands of pounds of pressure. 

This pressure forces out all of the juice inside of the fruit and vegetable pieces, and that gets collected and stored as natural juice. Because the fruit and vegetables aren’t getting mangled, heated, and destroyed like in the regular juicing process, you get more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and other nutrients inside of your juice! 

Plus, it doesn’t use any heat, and most companies have alternatives to pasteurization that kills bacteria and ensures that everyone can drink their juices, while not heating them up and destroying the flavor. Go ahead and try a cold pressed juice option and then the same regular juice option, and the flavor difference is going to be enough to convert you! 

Which Is Better For A Juice Cleanse? 

If you want to detox your body, lose a little weight, and clean out all the bad gut bacteria inside of you, then a supervised juice cleanse could be good for you. If you are going to be drinking nothing but juices for the next couple of days or weeks, then you should still be getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. As well as reducing your intake of the sugars and artificial gunk that you don’t. 

The best way to do this is to use cold pressed juices only. They will have everything you need inside of them, and you can be 100% sure that the fruits and vegetables inside of the juice you are drinking haven’t been destroyed, but have instead been fully extracted. 

Even if you aren’t going on a cleanse, buying cold pressed juice or even better, squeezing out your fresh juice yourself is going to be infinitely more healthy for you! Plus, the extra work from doing all the squeezing yourself is going to also improve your health! So look out for opportunities to get cold pressed juice, and you’ll certainly feel better for drinking it! 

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