Sports Tri-Force: Episode 5


Zasha Hayes


Edward Segal, Sports Editor



Welcome to the fifth episode of Sports Tri-Force, the sports podcast of The Daily Sundial.

This time it’s just myself and Luis Silva coming at you from the University Library. Silva’s cross-country season has just wrapped up, and he shares his thoughts on the team. We then dive into a slate of other topics to discuss after our three-week hiatus.

The MLS and MLB championship games Saturday were our main points of conversation. The MLS Cup Playoffs just wrapped up with LAFC winning, bringing another championship to our city. The Astros beat the Phillies in the World Series, leading to a lot of questions about free agency, the Phillies’ future potential and the Astros’ cheating scandal.

We also talked about the NFL — what teams have stayed hot, which ones have fallen off, and who has taken the league by storm. With the trade deadline having passed, we looked at the moves that were made and how the playoff picture is shaping up as a result.

The podcast wrapped up talking about the NBA, discussing which teams have come out of nowhere to sit at the top of the standings, like the Utah Jazz, and which teams have struggled, like the Brooklyn Nets. We finished with a brief segment about the Kyrie Irving saga.