Sports Tri-Force: Episode 6


Zasha Hayes


Edward Segal, Sports Editor



Welcome to the sixth episode of Sports Tri-Force, the sports podcast of The Daily Sundial.

Today’s episode is a FIFA World Cup special, recorded right after the wild finish to Group C. Luis Silva and Mark Armendariz-Gonzales are back for this episode, with photojournalist Efrain Ballon joining us for the first time.

The story of the day was how Mexico was inches away from stealing a knockout round spot in the World Cup from Poland. A crazy second half saw Argentina score twice against Poland, while Mexico did the same against Saudi Arabia, giving Mexico and Poland the same number of points.

If it wasn’t for Saudi Arabia’s late goal, they would have needed the seventh tiebreaker, fair play, to determine who is advancing. Poland had the advantage there, and Mexico was unable to score one more goal to put them over the edge in the first tiebreaker: goal difference.

Group D took to the field as well, with Groups A and B having already played, including the United States coming through to beat Iran and advance to the knockout stage. Groups E and F played Thursday, while Groups G and H finished off group play on Friday. Brazil and Portugal secured their spots after the second match day.

We talked about the problem with offsides, and how many games have been decided because players were ahead of the defense by the tip of their nose.

We went group by group and made our predictions for which teams are going to make the next round and which will be eliminated, before moving on to talk about our dream matchup in the finals — Argentina versus Portugal.

This is the end of an era for the World Cup, and what better way to end it than by settling the GOAT debate once and for all?