OPINION: Family, foes and future dynasties: The many storylines of Super Bowl LVII


Photos courtesy of Jeffrey Beall via Wikimedia Commons and ShareAlike 2.0 Generic via Flickr.

Mark Armendariz-Gonzales, Reporter

The biggest sporting event in the country has yet to kick off in Arizona on Sunday, and the game is already making waves with its epic storylines. One storyline is legacy. Both starting quarterbacks will be looking to solidify themselves not just in Super Bowl history, but as the greatest quarterback in the new era of the NFL. Another storyline is drama, as we watch head coaches try to get revenge on the previous teams they worked for, all while two brothers face off for the ultimate prize. And lastly, greatness. When the game is all said and done, we could potentially see a new dynasty shape football history.

At the moment, there are no quarterbacks as flashy and exciting to watch as Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles. Both have been lighting up the league this season with a combined 63 touchdowns and were finalists for league MVP, with Mahomes taking home the award. On paper, they look very similar as they are mobile quarterbacks with strong throwing ability. But what this game means for each one is different.

For Mahomes, this game could shape his legacy as one of the all-time greatest quarterbacks. At 27, Mahomes has two Super Bowl appearances, one victory and one loss. This game will be the deciding factor on whether Mahomes is the next GOAT some claim he is, or just a false prophet.

As for 24-year-old Hurts, this Super Bowl will be his first and it could possibly cement him as the face for a new era of football. The 2022-23 NFL season was Hurts’ coming out party. The quarterback showed he has what it takes to play with the elite. Although he had a great season, Hurts is still a bit of an underdog and lives in the shadow of all the other great young quarterbacks in the NFL. When you ask people who the best young quarterback in the league is, many would say Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert or Mahomes before they say Hurts. This championship is the perfect opportunity for Hurts to show that he really is “that guy.” A Super Bowl win against Mahomes and the Chiefs could possibly make Hurts the face of the NFL. For one quarterback, the result of this game could tarnish his legacy. For the other, this game could end his legacy before it even started.

The saying “revenge is a dish best served cold” speaks volumes to both head coaches. Each one has history coaching for the opposing team, but neither stint ended well. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spent 14 years with the Eagles and even led them to a Super Bowl appearance in 2005. During his tenure, Reid held a record of 130-93-1 and became the first Eagles head coach to record 100 victories. Although Reid was a successful head coach and a proven winner, the Eagles did not renew his contract after the 2012 season. After leaving the Eagles, Reid signed with the Chiefs as head coach in 2013.

At this time, Nick Sirianni was a wide receiver coach for the Chiefs. Sirianni had been with the team since 2009, when he started off as an offensive quality control coach. Unfortunately for Sirianni, one of the first things Reid did when he arrived in Kansas City was clean house when it came to the coaching staff. Sirianni ended up having to start from square one as an offensive quality control coach with the Chargers and worked his way to being an offensive coordinator for the Colts. After many years of putting in work, the call to be a head coach finally came for Sirianni in 2021. And who was it but Reid’s former team, the Eagles. Now they will square off for a championship. Come game day, there is no doubt that Reid will not forget how the Eagles dumped him after 14 years, and Sirianni will certainly remember how Reid fired him without giving him a chance to prove his worth.

The Super Bowl itself is an American holiday. Like Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July, this is a time when families come together. Football in recent years has taken baseball’s spot as America’s pastime and the word “family” has become associated with the sport. Most players consider everyone from the front office, to the coaching staff, to the locker room as part of their family. What happens to this brotherly love, when you have to go up against your real brother? This is a question Travis Kelce of the Chiefs and Jason Kelce of the Eagles will answer on Sunday.

In what has been dubbed the “Kelce Bowl,” Super Bowl LVII will be the first time a pair of brothers will play each other for a championship. This will not be either brother’s first rodeo, as both have played in and won the Super Bowl before. Does playing against your brother impact your mindset? It will be interesting to see if either brother will struggle with this, or use it as motivation. And what does it mean to win a championship at the cost of seeing your brother lose one? Whether Travis or Jason wins on Sunday, the real winners will be the Kelce parents as they watch their sons make history.

Each team starts every season with the same goal in mind: to win a championship. Some teams go decades without a ring, and some have never been lucky enough to win a single one. This is something neither team in this year’s Super Bowl has faced in recent memory. The Chiefs, with Reid and Mahomes, have been to two Super Bowls since 2020 and split them, while the Eagles were Super Bowl champions in 2018. Although winning a championship is great, we live in a world where one ring is not enough. Before the last piece of confetti hits the ground, the fans and media are already asking if they can win another one.

The desire to become a dynasty is something every team strives for, but actually doing it is harder than it looks. Since their last Super Bowl win, the Chiefs have lost a few crucial pieces but maintained many core players and coaches, while the Eagles lost their core and had the front office rebuilt from the bottom up. Sunday will be instrumental for each team in cementing their greatness and making them known not only as one of the best teams in recent years, but as one of the best teams of all time.

I believe Sunday’s game will be very point-heavy. Both offenses have the firepower to shine on the big stage. For the Eagles, the offensive weapon to look out for is AJ Brown, who is third in receiving touchdowns this season, while for the Chiefs it is Travis Kelce, who has one more touchdown than Brown. The Eagles have the better defensive line, leading the league with 70 sacks on the season, but the Chiefs will make up for that with their previous Super Bowl experience.

Overall, I see the Chiefs winning, with Mahomes getting the Super Bowl MVP. Experience will be the deciding factor. Mahomes and Reid have won and lost championships together while Hurts and Sirianni have yet to play in one. The Eagles will put up a good fight, but the Chiefs will claim the victory and become the next great dynasty of the NFL.