OPINION: The Sundial’s song picks For Valentine’s Day


Illustration by Pamela Garcia.

José C. Delgado and Elvin Gonzalez

Gimme Little Sign – Brenton Wood
Brenton Wood’s discography never fails to express feelings toward another person in an amorous way. When listeners hear his music, they can feel his passion for romance through the vocals and lyrics alone. This song does a great job vocalizing a situation where someone is trying to get the attention of their crush and is attempting to start a relationship. If you plan on asking someone to be your valentine through music, this is the song.
Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) – The Temptations
The Temptations are no strangers to making hit songs, especially when it comes to love and romance. While there are many songs about people falling in love, this one stands out the most. This song is about being in a situation where one is trying to get noticed by someone they are romanticizing about. If you want to dedicate a song to someone, you can’t go wrong with this track.
My Girl – The Temptations
This is an ideal song to be dedicated to your significant other, as it’s a timeless classic that displays love and passion. Originally written by the great Smokey Robinson, many fans of the genre will notice that his lyricism shines through in the song. This track, along with “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me),” is one of the best songs performed by The Temptations. This makes a great Valentine’s Day song because it’s sung and articulated well, clearly expressing how it is meant to be dedicated to that special someone in their life.
Being With You – Smokey Robinson
“Being With You” is one of Smokey Robinson’s most famous songs. Throughout the song, he sings, “I don’t care about anyone else but being with you.” Robinson yearns for his lover and disregards what other people may think of him in that emotional state. What makes this song a unique dedication to someone special is how Robinson delivers every lyric and its meaning.
Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac
This song is a perfect musical illustration of someone falling in love with someone and being unable to explain their feelings to them correctly. The lead singer for the band, Christine McVie, wrote the song as an open letter to her ex-husband Eddy Quintela. Throughout the song, you can hear a repetition of the chorus, “I want to be with you everywhere.” Though it never turned out to be one of the band’s greatest hits, it is nevertheless an excellent song to listen to on Valentine’s Day.
Suavecito – Malo
This is a unique song in its own way, mixing together English and Spanish lyrics. The song was once a love poem that the singer and timbalero player Richard Bean wrote for a girl he was interested in during high school. The girl never got around to reading the poem though. This song is worthy of being part of people’s playlists because it strongly relates to Chicano heritage and is a great love song. It is one that couples should undoubtedly play on events such as Valentine’s Day.
Locos – León Larregui
This song is perfect for dedicating to the person you love. Larregui’s lyrics are relatable and make the listener feel like they’ve been in a relationship. The song is suited for Valentine’s Day because it can be played in many different settings.
Ojitos Lindos – Bad Bunny (ft. Bomba Estéreo)
Bad Bunny and Bomba Estéreo come together to create a song that tells a love story where their partner’s presence is all they need. In the third verse, Bad Bunny sings, “Cuando estoy contigo, yo no miro el Role’ (Role’) / Vamo’ a bailar doscientas cancione’ (-cione’) / Nadie me pone como tú me pone’.” This translates to, “When I’m with you I don’t look at my Rolex / We’re gonna dance two hundred songs / Nobody makes me feel how you make me feel.” The instrumental of the song evokes a summertime feeling of love where time isn’t a worry and their partner is all they need.
Alma Enamorada – Chalino Sánchez
Sánchez tells a tale of unrequited love in this classic regional Mexican song. He would wait for this person as long as possible, but the longer he waits, the more impatient he becomes. Even through his impatience, he still falls more and more in love with this person. The song gives a different perspective on love. It is essential to acknowledge the different kinds of love.
Es Por Ti – Juanes
This song is a perfect way to show your partner that they are your be-all, end-all. From the beginning, Juanes’ partner in the song has given him a reason to live, and he feels lost without her. The song is perfect for Valentine’s Day because it shows the impact a person can have on their significant other’s life in a way that Juanes details thoroughly.
Química Mayor – Mon Laferte
Chilean singer Mon Laferte delivers a powerful vocal performance to detail the love she and her partner feel for each other. Her strong vocals help deliver the message, while the instruments that follow her gradually become louder to add another layer to the song’s message. It is a beautiful ode to being in love and sharing strong, mutual feelings about each other. The intimate nature of the song makes it ideal to be dedicated to another person.
Eres – Cafe Tacvba
Finally, this song is for the people who have run out of ways to say, “I love you.” While the verses are very laid back, the song’s chorus is where Emmanuel del Real’s singing comes to life. The inspiration for this selection came in the first chorus where he sings, “¿Qué más puedo decirte? / Tal vez puedo mentirte sin razón / Pero lo que hoy siento es que sin ti estoy muerto.” The lyrics translate to “What else can I tell you? / Perhaps I can lie to you without a reason / But without you I feel like I’m dead.” Del Real gives an introspective look into his relationship and his feelings for his significant other.