Movie review: ‘Love, Rosie’


Photo courtesy of IMDb.

Melany Martinez, Reporter

“Love, Rosie” shares the heart-wrenching story of two people desperately wanting to be together, but through the trials and tribulations of young adulthood they are pushed further apart. This story of two childhood best friends is like many romantic comedies, but it has its own twist and is a unique, heartwarming watch.

Bad timing and missed opportunities accompany us in life, but what if they stop you from being with the only person truly meant for you? “Love, Rosie” follows the lives of childhood best friends Rosie and Alex, who contemplate their feelings for each other for years after moving away for college built a wall between their longtime friendship.

Lily Collins plays the character Rosie Dunne, who takes us back to the beginning of her life, where she meets Alex Stewart at a very young age. They become inseparable as the years go by and somewhere along the line, they eventually fall in love. Alex, played by Sam Claflin, has big dreams of moving to Boston and studying medicine. He wants to experience this with Rosie, but has no idea that she is pregnant after a one-night stand.

Their lives end up in opposite directions, and over the next 10 years, they continue to miss each other as time passes.

What makes this movie suspenseful is that throughout it we don’t know if these two characters can find their way back to each other. All the events in between keep you wondering what happens next and if Alex and Rosie, even after all the complications, can overcome every obstacle that is thrown at them.

Although the movie is labeled as a romantic comedy, there are only a few moments of laughter and more heartfelt moments that come and go. It is a relief that the writers let Alex and Rosie be together in the end, because if not, I’m sure some viewers would be disappointed.

“Love, Rosie” is the perfect example of a sweet and charismatic movie to watch with your significant other or your girlfriends. It brings all the emotion and feelings from the first scene to the last. The movie proves that timing is everything and that you can “begin again” no matter how late. A box of tissues will also be necessary, just in case.