Movie review: ‘She Said’

Photo courtesy of IMDb.

Melany Martinez, Reporter

While the controversies of Harvey Weinstein are well known to the public, many may not know the names and stories of the journalists who uncovered his crimes. As a person who has high status and is well known in the entertainment industry, Weinstein got away with numerous accounts of sexual harassment for a long time.

Directed by Maria Schrader, “She Said” follows the story of New York Times journalists Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor who, in 2017, broke the story of Weinstein’s long history of sexual abuse.

Twohey, played by Carey Mulligan, is dealing with postpartum depression and ultimately feels exhausted while on maternity leave. Despite having a hard time at home with her newborn, Twohey does not stop picking up phone calls and looking for sources regarding multiple cases.

Kantor, played by Zoe Kazan, needs help from her teen daughter to juggle both work and her personal life, and is stressed about not being able to do enough on her own. She also feels overwhelmed multiple times, mainly due to not being able to convince Weinstein’s victims to go on record.

Over the course of several months, Kantor and Twohey speak to former employees of Weinstein to learn more about the allegations. They eventually have to overcome the difficulties of sources not cooperating because of pressure and fear of the consequences of speaking out.

Several famous women and former employees feel discouraged because they try to speak out against Weinstein, but aren’t heard loud enough.

The movie shows how, because he has immense power and wealth, Weinstein preys on women with lower status by luring them into thinking he has good intentions.

Both Kantor and Twohey were ultimately consumed by their nonstop pursuit of justice. It took a lot of their time away from home, but they managed to balance both and get something good out of it.

The reporting by these two investigative journalists helped shine a light on the #MeToo movement and empower others to step forward. It has also helped make changes for women in the workplace, granting them more protection against sexual harassment.

The strategies that the reporter’s used in the investigation involved a lot of dedication and pursuit. This film shows how much power men hold, while women are used to being silenced and hushed.

No woman should ever feel ashamed and unable to speak up due to fear, especially when it comes to sexual abuse.

“She Said” gives us insight into the reality of what many of these women have experienced, all because of one man who silenced them.