2023 AS and USU election results

Paige Hajiloo, Associated Students president elect for the 2023-24 academic year, celebrates her win at the election results event in the Thousand Oaks Room in the University Student Union on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, in Northridge, Calif.

Megan Reyes and Rodrigo Hernandez

Paige Hajiloo and Josie Anderson were elected Associated Students president and vice president for the 2023-24 academic year.

The newly elected president and vice president ran under the Matadors in Vision slate along with other candidates, such as Ally Walker, Melita Mehzabin and Sheily Chavez, who were elected as senators for the colleges of humanities, science and math, and social and behavioral sciences, respectively.

Hajiloo and Anderson are determined to connect with students, voice their needs and make significant changes based on their concerns.

“The biggest thing in AS is you have to connect with students on a one-on-one basis. We were out there tabling every single day from morning until 6 p.m. and connecting with them,” Hajiloo said. “We even took notes on that so we could take that with our administration and create that change and address the concerns they have.”

Hajiloo and Anderson have many plans for what they wish to accomplish during their presidency and vice presidency. They want to create financial scholarships to help students who commute pay for bus passes and parking permits, bring back campus life, create a feedback initiative week to understand the concerns of students and try to create solutions to their problems.

Nick Tivy from the Matadors in Vision slate is one of the elected senators for the college of arts, media and communication.

Tivy is also one of the members of the finance committee and hopes to continue serving the committee while being a senator.

His goal for the college is to have more funding for equipment. He hears the concerns and requests of clubs and aims to treat them fairly with assistance and funding.

“I’ve heard from several clubs during finance committee that they are coming in to ask money from AS because the art department is not funding them with enough equipment,” Tivy said. “For journalism, I’d like to showcase more opportunities. For example, with the athletics department, we are able to do broadcasts showcasing the CSUN D1 teams.”

He plans to conduct student surveys from each department of the college to make improvements based on what is needed in order for students to thrive in the classroom.

This year’s election had more students interested in running for a position in AS. The level of competition has been different every year.

“It’s always awesome to see totally brand new people. Every year is a different story. There were three main slates this year so it was cool to see this level of competition,” said Shayan Moshtael, the former AS president. “I believe the more competition the better, and the more students have to choose who will be leading them.”

The winners of the election were announced in a reveal mixer in the Thousand Oaks Room in the University Student Union, and through Instagram live.

Here is the list of the winners along with their slates and total number of votes received:

President and vice president
Paige Hajiloo and Josie Anderson (1035)
Matadors in Vision

Graduate senator
Maria Barajas (164)
Mighty Matadors

Upper division senators
Isabella Meza (444)

Lorena Toledo Carranza (441)
Mighty Matadors

Lower division senators
Esteban Ascencio (310)
Mighty Matadors

Jonathan Sher (179)
Mighty Matadors

Senators for the college of arts, media and communication
Matthew Kadach (111)
Revolution CSUN

Nick Tivy (88)
Matadors in Vision

Senators for the college of business and economics
Leslie Ponce (127)
Matadors in Vision

Leyna Do (118)
Revolution CSUN

Senators for the college of humanities
Keiry Saravia (57)

Ally Walker (55)
Matadors in Vision

Senator for the college of education
Dennise Garcia (105)
Mighty Matadors

Senators for the college of engineering and computer science
Jenish Bhavnagri (124)
Revolution CSUN

Owais Khan (77)
Revolution CSUN

Senators for the college of science and math
Melita Mehzabin (55)
Matadors in Vision

Lidia Sidarous (55)
Mighty Matadors

Senators for the college of social and behavioral sciences
Sheily Chavez (280)
Matadors in Vision

Ethel Akaninwor (147)
Revolution CSUN

USU Board of Directors
Daniel Lopez (364)
Junicarl Ferido (347)
Ashley Godinez (279)
Marilyn Orantes (239)
Jasmin Zesati (168)