6 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Suffering a Serious Injury in a Car Accident


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Around the globe, road accidents cause up to 50 million injuries and claim more than 1.35 million lives every year. So, do not underestimate just how important it is that you stay safe behind the wheel and know how to reduce your risk of serious injury if you are involved in a car accident.

Here are six simple steps to take.

What if You Are Involved in an Accident That Is Not Your Fault?

Before we look at the six ways, it is worth mentioning that, unfortunately, even if you are the safest driver in the world, not every other driver is. Therefore, you could potentially end up in a car accident that is not your fault. 

If you are injured in an accident in which someone else is to blame, once you have sought medical treatment, you should contact a lawyer to help you pursue compensation. You could claim compensation for things like medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

Look for a good lawyer in your local area, such as a reputable Chicago car accident attorney, who has a wealth of expertise and experience in car accident lawsuits.

1. Always Wear a Seat Belt

Never forget to wear your seat belt. If you do not, even a low-speed crash could cause you to careen into the dashboard or the side window, and at higher speeds, you could be propelled through the windscreen.

So, always buckle up to prevent the risk of suffering a serious injury in a car accident.

2. Adjust Your Headrest

The position of your headrest can affect how seriously you are injured in a car accident, so make sure you get the positioning right. For instance, you can reduce the risk of severe whiplash by adjusting your headrest so that the top is level with the top of your head.

Also, once you have repositioned the headrest, do not forget to lock it into position.

3. Get the Backset Right

Likewise, the backset can make a difference in the extent of injuries in a car crash. The backset refers to the distance from your headrest to the back of your head.

The distance should ideally be two inches or less. If the space is more than two inches, you have a greater risk of severely injuring your neck in a car accident.

4. Never Speed

Safe driving practices can dramatically lower your risk of being seriously injured in a car accident. One of the least safe things you can do is speed. Always obey speed limits. If you really need to get somewhere quickly, make sure you leave earlier and give yourself plenty of time.

It is never worth speeding to get to somewhere quicker when it could easily result in a car crash, injuring yourself and others.

5. Avoid Distractions

Speeding is a leading cause of car accidents, and so is distracted driving. You should never use your phone when driving. Nor should you do anything else that could distract you from being fully focused on the road.

That includes changing the radio station, interacting with passengers who divert your attention, and applying makeup.

6. Do Not Drive While Drowsy

Lastly, you should never drive while drowsy. If you do, you increase the chances of putting yourself and others at risk. Being just a little drowsy can significantly increase your risk of being involved in an accident and if you are very drowsy to the extent that you doze off for a second or two, you are very likely to be involved in an accident. A second or two of inattention can have disastrous results.

Be sure not to drive if you are on medication that makes you drowsy. Avoid alcohol, too. Even drinking within the legal limit has the potential to make you feel drowsy. Getting enough sleep each night is also crucial for staying alert and not feeling drowsy behind the wheel.

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