Review: Tyler, The Creator’s ‘CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale’ – Spin or skip?


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José C. Delgado, Reporter

Tyler, The Creator has returned with an expansion pack to his 2021 album “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST.”

“The Estate Sale” features eight new tracks that were added to the original album’s run of 16 songs. Inspired by the mixtape series “Gangsta Grillz,” Tyler recruited DJ Drama to emcee the record and return for the expansion. In a tweet, Tyler described the new songs as unreleased songs from the “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” era.

The feature list includes Long Beach native Vince Staples, longtime collaborator A$AP Rocky and Compton rapper YG.

Tyler begins the new set of songs with a spoken-word intro. He thanks his fans for the success and positive reception he received during the “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” era.

The intro transitions into the following song nicely. Smooth transitions continue throughout the new songs.

The first feature comes in the second song of the new expansion pack and is titled “STUNTMAN.” Here, Tyler teams up with Staples, marking the first collaboration between the two after years of being closely associated with one another. Staples joined Tyler on tour as an opener on three separate occasions, most recently on the “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST Tour.”

The two trade verses while rapping about traveling, jewelry and cars. Tyler contradicts all of this in the final verse while calling out the entire rap industry, where rappers often pull stunts solely to impress their peers. The confidence in both of their deliveries pushes across the song’s message well.

On “WHAT A DAY,” Tyler samples a Madlib beat and displays some of the most effective and best rapping of his career. The “Hittin’ wheelies like Chris retaliated” bar on the second verse is clever and was easy to miss on a first listen. The cadence he carries in the verses keeps the song fresh.

Tyler taps into 2000s R&B for “WHARF TALK,” featuring A$AP Rocky. The song evokes summertime feelings, continuing the themes of going outside from the rest of the album. Out of all the new tracks, this song may have fit into the original album’s tracklist the best.

The lead single, “DOGTOOTH,” can be seen as a continuation of “LUMBERJACK” from the record’s first run. Containing many of the same topics from the first run, “DOGTOOTH” was a surefire way to kick off the new part of “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST.” He sounds at the top of his game, despite being in the industry for more than a decade.

“HEAVEN TO ME” sees Tyler sampling John Legend’s 2006 song “Heaven,” produced by Kanye West. Tyler splits the verses into three different perspectives of his life: his current state, how he envisions his future and what it was like coming up in the early 2010s. The sample flip is done nicely and doesn’t detract from the original song.

On “BOYFRIEND GIRLFRIEND (2020 Demo),” Tyler sounds as West Coast as he’s ever sounded. The instrumental recalls the “G-funk” era of rap, which originated in California during the 80s. The YG appearance is interesting and adds to the West Coast flare of the track. The bouncy instrumental and catchy chorus give the song a fuller sound, considering it is a demo.

Tyler closes the new set of songs with “SORRY NOT SORRY,” where he apologizes genuinely to many people before switching to sarcastic apologies. The song ends with DJ Drama teasing fans with potential music to come. He ends with, “I guarantee another era is upon us/ So once again, we gone.”

Looking back on various rap projects released between 2020-2022, many came with a rushed “deluxe edition” that didn’t enhance the listening experience, oftentimes adding too many tracks to an already full-length album. “The Estate Sale” does the complete opposite, giving fans a new perspective on the record’s themes two years after its initial release.

Tyler delivers new raps that did not make the cut on the initial release of the “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” tracklist. He shows that songs that may be considered “throwaways” can be good enough to warrant expansions. “The Estate Sale” is worthy of a spin.