Sundial Sports Podcast: NFL Draft and NHL Playoffs


Illustration by Zasha Hayes.

Edward Segal, Sports Editor

The NFL draft gave the sports world a lot of topics to discuss. From teams like the Packers who made blockbuster trades to the Eagles who continued to improve after making the Super Bowl, many storylines unfolded throughout the three days of action. Charlie Gonzalez, Michael Dumansky and Edward Segal break down the draft as fans take in everything that transpired through all seven rounds.

Michael and Edward also talk about the NHL playoffs and all the craziness that ensued in the first round. Both teams that made the Stanley Cup finals last year got knocked out, as did the Presidents’ Trophy winners. We are guaranteed to have a champion that either has zero Stanley Cups or hasn’t won one in 17 seasons.

We had a special guest named Lyle Yoergler join us and give his thoughts on the NFL draft and its winners and losers. He also analyzed the NHL playoffs, as he is dubbed the hockey expert of the Daily Sundial.