The Soraya heats up their schedule for summer


Illustration by Brianna Arias.

Brianna Arias, Reporter

The 2023 spring semester is coming to an end and summer is right around the corner. Finals are next, and before you know it graduating seniors will walk the stage to receive their diplomas.

Even though the semester ends in May and the summer season means an empty campus, The Soraya still remains open. The venue provides the CSUN community with diverse performances even during the summer, when many students are home.

Here are some performances at The Soraya that are taking place this summer.

Delirium Musicum Chamber Orchestra
May 10 and 11 at 8 p.m.

The Delirium Musicum Chamber Orchestra will visit The Soraya for two summer performances. The ensemble consists of musicians from all around the world, led by violinist Etienne Gara.

According to the orchestra’s mission statement, the group is devoted to providing engaging performances to all audiences. They are known for their creative and exciting shows.

In April 2023, the ensemble released their debut album through Warner Classics, titled “Seasons.”

May 13 at 8 p.m.

Mexican singer-songwriter Magos Herrera joins the New York-based string quartet Brooklyn Rider for a performance of their collaboration project, “Dreamers.”

According to their website, Brooklyn Rider is known for taking musical elements from the past and reinventing them into their own style. Through collaborations and inspiration from different cultures, the quartet knows how to put on unique performances.

The collaboration project “Dreamers” features ideas and symbolism tied to overcoming anti-immigrant sentiment, according to The Soraya. Herrera’s website states that the poets and songwriters featured on the project, such as Violeta Parra and Joao Gilberto, have lived in places where their norm was to encounter brutal violence.

Indigo Girls
June 24 at 8 p.m.

The American folk-rock duo Indigo Girls, composed of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, will perform at The Luckman Fine Arts Complex at California State University, Los Angeles. The performance is co-presented by The Soraya and The Luckman.

According to The Soraya, the duo have been successful throughout their 35-year-long career, winning multiple Grammy Awards and selling millions of records worldwide.

The pair focuses on shining light on issues such as immigration, LGBTQ+ advocacy, education, death penalty reform and Native American rights through the many campaigns that they contribute to, as stated on their website. The duo have co-founded a non-profit by the name of Honor the Earth, working to sustain Native communities and fighting for environmental justice.