Graduation letters: Christina Ayala-Alcantar


Brandon Sarmiento

Illustration by Brandon Sarmiento

Christina Ayala-Alcantar, Ph.D., is the chair of the department of Asian American studies and a professor of Chicana and Chicano studies at the college of humanities. You can learn more about her here.

What I wish someone had told me when I was graduating from college:

Remember to have fun, to be kind to yourself, invest in your self-care, therapy, massages, trips, invest in a good car that will take you on adventures in LA and throughout the country. Rest, take naps, sleep at night, take your vacation days, and be a lifelong learner. Travel internationally so you can see and understand another worldview.

Remember the importance of relationships. Make time for them. Remember that the person you are today will not exist 10 years from now. Each decade will provide another version of you. While your core values will remain the same, you will continue to evolve and transform as you acquire more experience and knowledge about the world, your career and your family. Remember to write a list of daily gratitude to silence your negative mind and create new connections to help you stay positive.

Live your life. Do not delay or wait for a better time. The time is now!

Congratulations, graduates! A special shoutout to Chicana and Chicano studies majors and minors. You did it! Si se pudo!