Fashionable style for men

Wendy Barba

Photo Illustration by Angelica Bonomo / Staff Photographer
Photo Illustration by Angelica Bonomo / Staff Photographer

When it comes to fashion, men can have just as much fun and variety as women. This is no different when finding the perfect holiday party outfit.

The holiday season is the perfect excuse to show your festive side by adding edge and elegance to your look. Just be sure to dress accordingly to the type of party you attend as you transition between office parties, dinner parties and New Year’s Eve parties.

One great thing about office parties is that they give you the chance to demonstrate to your coworkers that you have a great sense of personal style. This can be done without breaking the dress code.

If your job requires you to wear slacks and button up shirts, follow this with the exception of trading in a black or white shirt for something with more color.

If you choose to wear a solid color try wearing a brilliant jewel tone such as a sapphire blue, ruby red or even a yellow canary.

Play up any look with color or prints. If you decide to opt for a pattern, plaid is a great option.

When doing this, make sure the texture of the shirt is dressy enough to pair with slacks. Do not combine dressy pants with a sloppy lumberjack flannel shirt. A crisp cotton and polyester blend shirt will compliment the rest of your work attire well.

When trying to figure out what to wear to a formal holiday dinner party, think along the lines of what you would wear to work. To make this look more formal, add another layer.

Knit sweaters come in different cuts that allow you to choose from the classic button down cardigan style, a blazer cut or a v-neck pull over. Holiday sweaters with reindeer or Christmas trees are the only sweaters that should immediately be rejected regardless of the cut or style.

Since formal dinners take place in a more intimate setting than your office, simple silhouettes and neutral colors are ideal. Finish off a simple outfit with a dark gray wool coat and a chic black and gray stripped scarf to add a touch of sophistication.

If the dinner setting is casual, funk it up a bit. Pair skinny or fitted jeans with clean high top sneakers, a plaid shirt and a cardigan. Be sure to coordinate.

New Year’s Eve parties are the perfect opportunity to go all out and be edgy. There is a long list of what should not be worn on any regular day but on the night of Dec. 31, almost anything goes when done tastefully.

Take the classic cardigan you wore to work and turn it up a notch by switching it with for a coat. Because coats are so adaptable, they will suit anyone’s personal sense of style and set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

A black velvet blazer has an element of elegance that is not attained by any other type of outerwear. They are a big winter trend and have been featured on runways such as Michael Kors and Dolce and Gabbana (D&G).

Make sure the coat is a dark color such as black or gray. Wear this dramatic coat with more simple pieces like the ever so cool v-neck tee or a colorful button up and denim.

The only rule here is to make sure the jeans are a dark wash and have no abrasions. Keep it clean and simple.

For a more formal look, switch your jeans for dark slacks. D&G dresses up a black velvet coat with black slacks, a white shirt and a black skinny tie. Whereas Michael Kors makes this look edgier by styling the coat with black pants and a black shirt.

Add even more character to this look by wearing the hair in a messy style with a short, maintained beard.

For any event you attend, your outfit must be finished off with a great shoe.

The worst thing you can do is finish off a flawless dressy outfit with sneakers. This is very amateur and shows carelessness.

Instead, wear semi-patent black shoes with a matching belt. If you are wearing warm colors like browns or greens, wear a dark brown shoe.

No matter what the occasion, make sure to enjoy the holidays in great style.