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Recession Living: Men’s trends for 2010

Photo Credit: Hannah Pedraza / Photo Editor

Whether he’s vying to get extra attention from that special someone he’s had his eye on for weeks, trying to make a good first impression at the office, or simply out with his posse for a night on the town, it is safe to say that guys are just as concerned about their looks as women are.

U nfortunately, our country’s current economic status has taken its toll, and it’s no wonder why clothing is not a man’s top financial priority these days. Luckily, here are five recession-proof tips that will help men in all areas of their fashion-conscious needs.

First off, we are fortunate enough to have the power of the Internet at our finger tips, so why not take advantage of that. Try shopping online for bargains. Websites such as,, or even eBay can offer great deals and offer quality items for half the price. Just remember to be cautious when giving out any credit card number. Make sure to order from a reputable, legitimate website.

Secondly, if you absolutely must go out and spend a decent amount of money on new clothes, remember to choose your material wisely. Look for durable fabrics and items that will last for years to come.

For example, leather is a wonderful material and has a lengthy amount of wear-time. It is highly unlikely that it will rip, stain, or fade. People usually find themselves wearing the same leather items for years.

Another useful tip is to look for reversible pieces that can offer two looks in one. Reversible sweaters, belts, jackets, and tees are becoming more and more common.

Thirdly, keep color pallets basic in order to maximize versatile pieces. Guys can’t go wrong with a classic black shirt, a button down white dress shirt, and a multipurpose jacket that can be worn with dress pants, Dockers, or jeans. It is also recommended that a guy has at least five different colored T-shirts for more casual occasions.

Guys have the advantage and are lucky they can get away with wearing basic pieces like blue jeans, cotton shirts, and neutral colored items year round.

Fourthly, devote some time to go through old clothes and try to salvage anything worthwhile. Empty out all drawers and simply look at what you have.

Get organized and separate clothes that are still in style, that fit and those that no longer fit and look like something out of the early 90’s. Make a mental note of how the items that are kept will look when actually worn, and how these pieces can be integrated into an existing wardrobe.

It’s truly surprising what can be found deep within any closet. With old clothes that are no longer in style or simply don’t fit, try selling them at a garage sale or online. Then, use any profit to buy something new. Remember old saying; one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

Lastly, we can’t forget about shoes. Whether they are nice, leather shoes for work or trendy, athletic shoes for sports or basic tennis shoes for everyday usage, new kicks are the key to any man’s ensemble.

Fortunately, guys don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to find new shoes every year. Guys should find old pairs of shoes and try having them repaired, polished, or perhaps it’s as simple as adding new, clean laces to spruce up any pair. This is a much cheaper route than buying a completely new pair of shoes, and the bonus is that you won’t have to break them in.

Despite the recession and the tight squeeze for money it’s still possible to look good. Therefore after following these simple tips, there is no excuse for not looking the absolute best on any occasion.

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