Why another technology blog?

Jacob Nahin

In the last 20 years, technology has become pervasive, invading every single part of our lives as students. From the cell phone (or possibly smart phone) in your pocket to the GPS in your car, there’s no escape.

Still, when there are multiple sources from which to glean technology news, why does a CSUN student need yet another technology blog?

While there are plenty of resources bringing up-to-the moment tech news, there are few places where one can go to get information on how technology applies to the student. That will be the purpose of this blog.

Some blogs go over the top with acronyms. VGA, DPI, DNS. Not here. The goal of this blog is to explain why tech matters, but in plain English, to turn luddites into geeks.

How can you save money using social media? How can you use Facebook or Twitter to study for a test or work on homework? When you accidentally delete your term paper during finals week, how can you get it back? These are a few of the topics that you, as the reader, have to look forward to this semester.

Beyond that, there will be analysis of the latest tech news and what it means to you as a student. If a particular tutorial or story helps you out, leave us a comment. 🙂