Using natural disasters to spread the word of God, good or too much?

Roxanne Estrada

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It is quite common to relate disaster with environmental issues: global warming, oil spills and droughts for instance. But religion and the environment? Not as much.

In the wake of the Haitian earthquake, international groups and individuals are sending food, money and medical supplies. But, one faith-based U.S. company is sending Bibles. But these aren’t anything ordinary. They’re solar-powered, audio Bibles.

The Faith Comes by Hearing group call this innovative book “The  Proclaimer.” It basically looks like a medium-sized, heavy-duty speaker. The machine can adapt to 400 different languages, including Haitian Creole. Officials for the company say they produced these devices in order for poor and illiterate people throughout the world to have access to Bible verses.

There’s been a lot of backlash against these bibles because people are saying it’s horrible to try to convert people while in the midst of a disaster. Of course the first and foremost need of the people in Haiti right now is food and medical supplies, but if this group can give another resource then why not? It’s not like they’re sending missionaries – they’re sending Bibles. I think many people turn to religion in a time of disaster, but even if they don’t, having a Bible on hand for some calming words won’t hurt anybody.

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