Conquering those homework headaches 

Michelle Verne

Student-parents at CSUN, 

Managing homework while going to school, taking care of kids, and in some cases, working can be a difficult task.  In the beginning of my college experience, I felt as if I was drowning and it came to the point where I found it hard to have any time to breathe.  I decided there was no way I was going to be able to handle it unless I had a tight schedule to follow.

That was when I decided to approach my husband and let him know that if I was going to complete this journey, he would have to help me come up with a plan that would work out for the both of us.  Since then, at the beginning of each semester, we sit down and discuss what our schedule is going to consist of. 

One thing I realize is that while I’m doing my homework, I can’t be interrupted.  Without kids screaming, televisions, radios or video games blaring in the background, homework can be done with better concentration which causes it to take less time to do.

Monday through Friday I commit myself to doing two hours of homework after the kids are asleep.  If there is any extra time while the kids are at school and day care, you’ll catch me at the library, or sometimes even studying in my car.  Saturdays I spend with my kids, but Sundays are spent solely on homework.  This is the day the kids spend with their dad, family or friends.

There is also what I like to refer to as “study locations” for student-parents. One of these places would be the local park.  I normally save all my reading for the park, as it’s the only form of quality studying that can be done there.  However, there is also a place located in Northridge called “Gummy the Bear.”  It’s an indoor playground for kids that offer a separate room for parents called the “parents zone,” where you can watch your kids play through a glass window while you have complimentary use of their computers, access to the Internet and Wi-Fi.  For more information go to

I’m in no way trying to make it sound easy.  Obtaining a B.A. in this situation is definitely one of the hardest accomplishments I’ve ever tried to make.  But with all these obstacles to conquer, there is no doubt the greatest rewards are waiting around the corner.

Michelle Verne
Staff Reporter