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Technicolor pogo punk hits America

After watching music videos of the 80’s band “Devo”, Hiroyuki (Hiro) Hayashi decided to start his own new wave band out of Tokyo, Japan called Polysics.

The band, named after the Korg Polysix synthesizer, now consists of two male and two female members, Hiro, Fumi, Yano and Kayo, who’ve been together since 1997.

Polysics music carries the digital synthesizer sound with a hint of techno influence. It is what they refer to as “technicolor pogo punk.”

It’s similar to the music in animated cartoons which might be why they were chosen to perform the theme song to the Jetix television show “Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!”

They’ve released over ten albums in Japan, but their popularity in America emerged in 2007 when they signed with MySpace Records and released their first album in the U.S., “Polysics Or Die!!!!” This allowed them to be put on the line-up for the first ever MySpace Music Tour.

Since then, their music video for the song entitled “I My Me Mine” has been downloaded on YouTube over a million times, with over 2,000 comments.

Told through an interpreter, the bands voices gained excitement after hearing of their newfound fame.

“I wasn’t even aware of that, a million downloads?” Hayashi said. “I’m happy to hear that.”

When asked why he thought the video is receiving so much attention he stated that they try to come up with something anybody can enjoy without any preconception or knowledge of the band.

“This is definitely the key to making a good video, trying to come up with something that is off center … with strange imagery, that’s one of our things,” added Hayashi.

The video features a young girl, not more than 10, wearing a school uniform, a backpack and some funky new wave glasses doing incredible hip-hop moves that can top most of the dancers on “So You Think You Can Dance.” This visual effect alone will make you want to set it to repeat.

All of the videos performed by Polysics carry a gratification in entertainment that can’t be denied. Their crazy costumes and energetic stage presence are what makes them attract audiences.

MySpace records released two more albums in America entitled “Karate House” and “We Ate The Machine,” in 2008. They are now on a U.S. tour promoting their new album “Absolute Polysics” which was released on Sept. 16, 2009. Their next stop is Tuscon, Arizona.

Hayashi said that each time they tour their fan base seems to grow. On Jan. 29, they performed at the Whiskey in Hollywood to an enthusiastic crowd.

“The Polysics audience has always been diverse. Every time we come back, there’s more people. They’re more familiar with the material. Especially at this last LA show, they were just as energetic as the Japanese audience,” Hayashi said.

Hayashi said that they try to create a crazy, happy and energetic environment.

“Be prepared for a lot of physical activity,” added Hayashi.

When the U.S. tour ends, Polysics is heading back to Japan where they will perform the final show of their tour at the Budokan on March 14. This will be the last show for keyboard player Kayo as she is leaving the band.

“Polysics is going to carry on as a trio, but right after the show, we’re going straight to pre-production. There will be a new sound and a new Polysics, said Hayashi.

To see some of “Polysics” insane videos, check them out on YouTube. For more information on the band, go to

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