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Metal rock band aims for stardom

Alan Der Ohannessian April 12, 2010

Cobra Cocktail, a Northridge-based metal-rock band comprised of CSUN students, is gearing up to participate in a music tournament at the Guitar Center in North Hollywood, sponsored by Guns N' Roses...

Merlinmoon: Massaging minds with music

Kelly Moreno March 17, 2010

Kelly Moreno, contributing reporter Alex Deep, lead singer of the new band Merlinmoon, found his love for music while he was a DJ. His talents as a DJ had not gone unnoticed, however, he found that...

Two-man band creates their own unique sound

Ani Chakiryan March 8, 2010

Valley Circle is a two man band, made up of a drummer and a guitar player. What’s interesting about this band is that they play a style that you wouldn’t expect to hear when you think of the word...

Brotherhood created through social networking

Brotherhood created through social networking

Bodhi Severns March 3, 2010

Before the world of social networking and constant online media, people would meet in person. Now with the tools of digital classifieds and social networking sites like MySpace, the missing musician...

Technicolor pogo punk hits America

Michelle Verne February 17, 2010

After watching music videos of the 80’s band “Devo”, Hiroyuki (Hiro) Hayashi decided to start his own new wave band out of Tokyo, Japan called Polysics. The band, named after the Korg Polysix...

Big Moves: Decoding jazz into rock

Angelica Bonomo February 15, 2010

The band "Big Moves" has a thing for dinosaurs and the color purple. More than half the songs on their first album, “In the Beginning”, were named after dinosaurs. “Dinosaurs were a passion...

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