Two-man band creates their own unique sound

Ani Chakiryan

Valley Circle, a local two-man band, plays to a packed crowd Saturday night at the Troubadour. Photo Credit: Christopher Phillips / Contributing Photographer

Valley Circle is a two man band, made up of a drummer and a guitar player. What’s interesting about this band is that they play a style that you wouldn’t expect to hear when you think of the word band.

Guitarist Raffi Hammasian and drummer Manuk Avedikyan are the heart, soul and creators of Valley Circle. They played to a packed crowd Saturday night at the Troubadour.

The set started off great and for the next 30 to 45 minutes, it just got better and better. After the first song ended and almost halfway through the second, Danny Terceman, a contributing sound tech specialist of Valley Circle, came up on stage and added a bunch of different sounds that just made the feel of the music go off the charts. At one point, the crowd wailed in excitement when the band threw in the “Nip Tuck” theme song into their music.

Valley Circle definitely has a unique style. Many people tend to classify them as unclassified, however, the category they fall under is instrumental psychedelic, or instrumental psych for short.

“Music is not meant to be restricted and closed. It is meant to be open to any and all forms. There is no setup of what a band should be, of what music should be. Music is not hard. All that it is is a group of people getting together and creating. It really isn’t hard,” Terceman said  after the bands set finished and everyone packed up and was ready to go home.

The band formed when Hammasian and Avedikyan were in their senior year in high school, when they all started to get their own instruments. They tried the traditional band setup with a guitar, bass, vocals and drums, but that didn’t quite work out for them.

They wanted to make their sound like no other band out there. They wanted to be extremely unique and they definitely succeeded in that.

Hammasian said that they purposefully decided not to have vocalist.

“A singer would just constrict us from making the kind of music we wanted to. There wouldn’t be enough freedom with a lead singer in the mix,” he said.

Hammasian said that the band’s name, Valley Circle was a last minute decision.

“We were playing a gig and we needed a name. On our way to the show, we passed a street and it read, Valley Circle. It was a working title, saying that we would change it later, but it never happened,” he said.

Valley Circle is definitely a must see/listen to band. They think outside of the box and push those limits as much as they possibly can and make one interesting, amazing sound.

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