Merlinmoon: Massaging minds with music

Kelly Moreno

Kelly Moreno, contributing reporter

Front man Alex Deep of Merlinmoon says he aspires to create songs that have an intimate connection between the listener and their discovery of true happiness. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Jimenez.

Alex Deep, lead singer of the new band Merlinmoon, found his love for music while he was a DJ. His talents as a DJ had not gone unnoticed, however, he found that lyric-less music didn’t provide him the proper outlet for his music aspirations.
Kelly Moreno, contributing reporter

“As a DJ I wasn’t satisfied with the music I was playing because I couldn’t find the music I wanted to play, so I decided to make my own,” said Deep.

After learning some cords on the guitar, and mixing in some piano, “the stars aligned…” and he had found his calling.

Deep’s main inspiration for the creation of his songs was to create an intimate connection between the listener and their discovery of true happiness.

“I use music to massage people’s minds so the lyrics can find a place to tattoo themselves inside their conscious,” he said.

The origin of the name Merlinmoon goes back several years. While Deep was going through some personal problems, and struggling to find his muse, a wizard made his way into Deep’s dreams.

Merlin, or the wizard, gave Deep instructions on what he should do, and take each of the problems that he faced at the time and use them as inspiration. As the problems that Deep faced had begun to disappear, the wizard did as well—and in memoriam the song “Stoned by Dreams” was written.

Although Deep was never inspired by his parents to become a musician, he found solace in music. And although he enjoyed listening to all genres from classic rock to reggae, it never connected with him.

Instead, it taught him how to “put music to my poetry and how to build a mood, where my message flows into people’s lives,” he said.

Several music styles can be found in Merlinmoon’s hit single, “Yesterday’s Gone”—which is currently making a large impact in college crowds. “Yesterday’s Gone” has a few hints of Pink Floyd, but has a very unique approach to the arrangement; with inclusions of piano and guitar solos, and haunting harmonies.

The song definitely displays Deep’s talent and passion for music making. This hit was written after he had spent the last night with the love of his life. The corresponding music video has also received positive reviews.

Merlinmoon’s debut album, “Stoned by Dreams,” can be found on iTunes, and a second album is in the works.

The second album, which contains acoustic versions of some of their songs from their debut album, has just been produced. Entitled “Stoned by Wood,” this album has been recorded using completely vintage 1940s instruments.

“Can’t wait to share it with the world” Deep said toward the production of the vintage acoustic EP.

Merlinmoon is planning for a tour for the west coast area. They are scheduled to perform March 24 at Skinny’s Lounge located at 4923 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601.

To find ticket information, more tour dates and local concerts featuring Merlinmoon, check the official website at,