Finding time for fitness

Michelle Verne

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Student-parents at CSUN,

Not only do we have an entire list of things to accomplish each day, we must also include staying healthy and keeping fit.  This requires time and money, which we never seem to have enough of. The following are a few tips that can help squeeze exercise into that tight schedule.

First, why join a gym that demands a long drive when there’s one right on campus?  They offer cardio and weight training equipment, an aquatic pool, boxing studio, group fitness classes and a rock wall.  For fees and a current schedule, see the Associated Students Web site.

Second, since sometimes the gym is out of the question, invest in Wii Fit Plus.  If you have kids, there’s a good chance you already own a Wii.  This is how I get most of my exercise, and I sweat just as much as I do at the gym.  The exercises aren’t boring, as they have integrated organic sports into the games such as:  hula hoop, bike riding, running, and even karate.  This also provides a way to incorporate the whole family into an exercise routine.  It’s convenient for people just like us because we can do it when we want and for how long we want. There’s also several exercise games to choose from.

Last, there are natural methods to use.  Such as parking far from your destination, causing the need to walk further, and if there are stairs involved, even better.  Or, include the whole family in a five-mile bike ride around Lake Balboa Park. For a map and more information go to  There is also the metro bike path that offers an exhilarating journey around the streets of the San Fernando Valley.  When I’m feeling adventurous and have some extra funds, I might offer the older kids a day at Northridge Skateland, see  This is often better exercise than any of my prior suggestions.  It’s good on the calves.

The first thing to staying fit is making an exercise commitment.  Three to four times a week of any of the above proposals is an excellent start.  Check back next Wednesday, I’ll be recommending some fast healthy meals.