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How To: Have a fun Valentine’s Day, single or taken

Single or taken, there are plenty of ways to have fun this Valentine's day. Photo Illustration by Hannah Pedraza / Photo Editor

Today Valentine’s Day isn’t only for couples. Whether we’re in a relationship with that special someone or single and ready to mingle, there is no excuse as to why we can’t have a fabulous Feb. 14th.

For those of us who are single and scrambling to find a date for Valentine’s Day, stop and take a deep breath. Calm down and remember that Valentine’s Day is not necessarily about romance, flowers and candy.

Tell your family and friends how much you care about them and let them know how important they are in your life. Do something simple for them like buying them a card and writing a sincere message inside.

Don’t think of this holiday as a downer. Just because someone is single does not mean that they are alone. In fact, The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that more than 80 million people will spend this holiday being single.

If the constant reminder of being single is too much to handle, but still want to celebrate the holiday, have a “anti-Valentine’s Day” party with a group of single friends.  Have appetizers, baked goods, and make everyone wear black.

Want to spend the night in but stay low key? Have a group movie night at your place. Rent a horror or action movie-something totally not romantic that will not remind you of love or relationships. This can be a fun way to laugh or cry without being alone.

As long as good friends and delicious food and drinks are plentiful, a night to  remember is guaranteed.

If having an adventure is more appealing, then spend the night out on the town with friends, or a close guy friend, taking in the scenery and just enjoying each other’s company.

Some fun places to go include: Universal City Walk, Santa Monica Pier, the bowling alley or a karaoke bar. Be creative. This is a night that should remind us of having a good time, not that fact that we are single.

On the other hand, for those of us in a relationship come this Valentine’s Day, there is a multitude of ideas to consider. Of course there is always the traditional route of flowers, candy, and dinner.

But for those whose sweetheart is looking for something a little more unique, something creative that they will remember for the rest of their lives, there are fun activities to partake in.

Spend the day indoors and watch some cheesy romantic movie or make one another breakfast in bed. The simpler, the better. Most complex ideas are too complicated and end up not working out or are disappointing and more often than not, a waste of money.

Or trying taking a loved one on a small adventure. Visit a place neither of you have been before or go do something that you are both interested in, such as a museum or concert.

Taken or single, the holiday is just a day out of the entire year to make someone, or yourself, feel special. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to extravagant, it just has to make YOU feel important. It’s just a day to remind you that you are loved, no matter if it is by your friends, family, or significant other.

Above all, remember that Valentine’s Day should not be a commercial holiday, only focusing on gifts and special activities. It is simply one day out of every year that emphasizes affection in our society. Consider the fact that having a good time with or without a companion is the only thing that matters, and that Valentine’s Day should not be a day to stress out about.

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