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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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1 in 33,000: Driven by big dreams and Post-its

Abbey Ronquillo, 19-year-old psychology major hopes to one day make a difference in a person’s life through her writing. Photo Credit: Victoria Hernandez / Staff Reporter

Toting a Hello Kitty backpack around campus, Abbey Ronquillo said her first name comes from the Beatles album “Abbey Road” because her parents are huge fans of the band. She is happy her parents named her Abbey instead of Lucy or Jude.

The 19-year-old psychology major and minor in broadcast journalism has a lot of goals that she wishes to fulfill. These include writing a self-help book or becoming a talk show host, but her main focus in life is to make a difference in the world.

“Someday I’d like to be a psychotherapist, perhaps write novels or become a journalist,” Ronquillo said. “What I truly aspire to be, though, is an Oprah-esque figure in society. Not necessarily rich or famous but to be an inspiration.”

In everyday life Ronquillo tries to keep the mentality that in every person she meets there is the opportunity to change a life.

Ronquillo’s current project is writing a blog called “Little Lime Lines” in which she gives out advice on life.

“I love to write. I love the creative process of stringing sentences together,” she said.

She writes quotes on little lime sticky notes and places them in different areas like supermarkets, bus stops, or libraries in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area. She then takes a picture of the sticky note at the location and explains why she left it there.

“It reflects a theme for the day through a passage or choice of my own words that sums up and inspires me,” Ronquillo said.

Her other passion is collecting Hello Kitty memorabilia. Being the youngest in her family she inherited a portion of her collection at a young age by accident when she was forced to play with the Hello Kitty toys that were left over from her cousins.

“I am passionate about Hello Kitty. I believe if you really love something you should put your whole heart into knowing and learning everything about it,” she said. “My favorite piece I own is a 1987 red suitcase. It has a little girl’s name written on the inside which makes it even more special to me.”

Ronquillo likes a variety of music she says that there’s not just one “type” of music. Currently she is listening to John Mayer, NoBuo, UEMATSU and Iron Maiden. Other hobbies of hers include ballroom dancing, playing the guitar and playing video games.

“I can easily beat a large number of players at Tekken Five,” she said.

But in the end, Ronquillo’s favorite thing to do is helping others. She volunteers for the CSUN helpline, a public crisis invention support team that serves the CSUN campus and San Fernando Valley community which listens to people’s problems and situations.

“If I could say anything, it would be to always express yourself,” she said. “Love who you were, will be and are, and try your best even when it isn’t exactly what you wish to do.”

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